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Monday, March 9, 2015

I have a new Grandson!

Introducing James Andrew aka Mr Precious. He is the fourth generation in our family to bear the name Andrew- his great grandfather was Thomas Andrew, his Gpapa is Carl Andrew and his papa is Andrew Harrington.
He was born March 7 in the wee morning hours. Everyone is doing well!!
Uncle John and Aunt Elaine found the perfect tee shirt for Andrew 's son.
The family in Little Rock celebrated the day by shopping. It is not a good idea for a grandmother to go shopping when you are on the high of a new grand! Just FYI - the Carter's store said that they plan to have the new born boy section restocked by 10 today!!!

Here is Miss Adorable modeling a spring hat!
Mr Wonderful got a haircut with his daddy and Gpapa on Saturday while the girls shopped.

 His Sunday School teacher told me that he told his class all about his cousin, James, who belongs to Uncle Awesome and Sweet T
Here is James' first selfie.  James the Precious and his parents are doing well!!!  Don't you just love baby yawns!

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