Wow! I just found 5.00$!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ask Charles about his favorite shoes????

Kaitlin giving a jumping picture in-service. Aunt Frances wanted to do a jumping pictures. Here is her debute in one. UNCLE CHARLES is in it too. He doesn't think he gets mentioned enough in my here is to you CHARLES.

This is inside Uncle John and Aunt Elaine's house. Kaitlin is showing Charles and Frances some youtube videos while Elaine takes pictures. They have a very homey home. I love going there. It feels like home.

This is the inside of St James Episcopal Chruch.

My two brothers and me. They walked me down the aisle when I got married.

Carl and I stood on these steps 29 years ago, June 30th just after we were married. My brother, John and his wife, Elaine go to church here . We went this morning with them.

Lunch with the group was here. I had gnocchi. It was wonderful.

The state capitol building in Columbia, SC.

Friday, June 27, 2008

where have you been???

Several of you have asked about the handy, dandy map that Marian made for me.
The dots are the pin heads. Here is me putting my pin in Kansas. Yea!

Marian, I love this map. Thank you. My friend, Matt, likes it too. He is making one of his own.

I need to put a pin California, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Utah , New Jersey and Hawaii. Carl needs to put a pin in Alaska and Hawaii.

Where do you need to put pins?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nothing can separate us from the love of God

The above picture is of Marisa and Abby. Abby sat on Kaitlin's lap, for over an hour, as Kaitlin sat on a chair next to Marisa as Marisa got her braces on. Abby loves Marisa.

Abby's mama is my friend, Pam. Pam was in the hopsital delivering her 12 week old baby who had died.

Marisa and I talked about how when Marisa's teeth hurt the worst she can take pain killers and get some ease but that Pam had a heart ache that only God can heal. Being with Abby and her sister, Alli helped Marisa get her mind of her pain and to pray for Pam.

Kaitlin and Marisa slept hard last night because they had a hard emotional day yesterday. I am so glad we serve a God in whom when we get into a deep pit He is deeper still.

Kaitlin was hired by the family to take pictures while they were babysitting. They are on her blogs. Enjoy

Does it look like I have braces?

We went yesterday with Marisa to get her braces. We use the Dr Phelans. We love Jim. Actually his son, Tom, put them on because Jim was already putting some on when we got there.Jim loves Kaitlin. She was his assistant on a mission trip. He likes it when Kaitlin is with Marisa.
When all my children were little they would put all manner of things in front of their front teeth ie a drinking straw, a slice of apple, a wedge of orange, chewing gum, etc and say " Does it look like I have braces?" After the first 500 times I quit looking at them and would just say "No"
After they all got braces they asked me what possessed them to do the above actions. I didn't have a clue.
Marisa has heard lots of our stories including the one above. While she was still sitting in the dental chair waiting to be discharged, she looked up at Kaitlin and said "Does it look like I have braces?" They both died laughing.

All I needed was rootbeer and ice cream

I made the mistake of going to Kroger yesterday. Yesterday was Tuesday. Tuesday. That is senior citizens day at Kroger. Now, I have no problem with senior citizens as a whole but I do have a problem senior citizens that have an entitlement attitude. I don't care if they are slow. I am moving slower these days. I don't mind the way they park or nearly take my life in the parking lot as they drive BIG cars.

I do mind the crabby attitude and the attitude that I have earned the right by being old to do stupid things. I mind when they put their carts in the middle of the aisle such that I can't get by or anyone else for that matter and when I asked if I can move it over, you would think I have violated their person. Once I saw this lady struggling to reach something and I asked If I could hand it to her and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she proclaimed loudly and then gave me the stink eye. I backed away quickly.

I think they should have crabby hours at Kroger. I would at least know that most of the old folks will be in a bad mood. I guess I should just assume that now.

Now when I go into Kroger on Tuesdays when I forget that it is Tuesday and you see me lurking around it is because I am trying to stay out of the way of all the senior citizens who put on their crabby pants instead of their happy pants.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Now I need to go to Topeka.

This is Carl and some of his children on Father's Day just before we got in the van to go.

This is me in Kansas with my friend, Linda. She and I have been friends for 29 years. Our husbands used to work for the same company. She drove over from MO and met us for breakfast and a wonderful visit. I know you all want a pair of sunglasses like mine but these are one of a kind I'm sure. John gave then to me for Christmas. I can't decide if I look like Willy Wonka or Audrey Hepburn. What do you think?

We saw several of these as we drove down the highway.

When you travel from Little Rock to Omaha, you go north to Fayetteville then into Mo. We made a detour around Kansas City, Mo so I could go to the state of Kansas, but most normal folks would just continue to the top to Mo and then the interstate takes you into Iowa. There are several bridges into NE before you get to Omaha. We tried to go to Lincoln and then Omaha. Lincoln is about 46 miles south west of Omaha. But we couldn't because all the bridges until Omaha were closed because of flooding. The flooding is vast and we just saw a tiny part of Iowa.

Capitol building in Lincoln

Guess who they have a statue of ?

I do believe there are more red vehicles in NE than any other state I've been in, with a great concentration of then in Lincoln.

This one is for Sue and Jeff. Here is where the Cornhuskers play.

The CWS in pictures

This is Rick. He did all the grilling. Our hosts were wonderful. Near the end of the day when we were all fed they began to feed those around us like the ticket scalpers and the drunk lsu fans. So we has entertainment with our meal. Notice that the handle on his grill is a baseball bat.

Carl with his white SPP shirt on. All the guys who hosted the event are in RED softball shirts.

The flag is an lsu one that was next to an enormous lsu tailgate.

We saw lots of Nebraska hats and tee shirts. Right behind the blond young man was a guy with a alabama hat on. I should of worn my AUBURN stuff. We did see one fellow with an AUBURN shirt on. Carl gave him a WAR EAGLE. He returned it.

That whole section under the awning is general admission. Lots of the lsu fans sat there. When they won the first game I thought the stands were going to fall down from all the cheering and jumping.

This is my seat from the first game.

This was the tailgate between games. In the bottom right of the picture notice the sunburned leg that looks a white sock has been painted on. No, this young man worn socks and shoes to the first game with no sun-screen. Both his legs looked like this.

Fresno State in the field. This was my view from the second game.

North Carolina in the field
Because of the rain delay at the College World Series, I 've been able to see the games on ESPN that I was at. they are putting them on during the rain delay. That has been fun.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It was very cool!

I am back in the coolness of my motel in Omaha after a wonderful day at the College World Series. I am watching the rest of the second game on ESPN. I keep thinking...I've been there!

We arrived at 11:00 am and parked in the zoo parking lot as we were instructed to do. Our hosts arrived at 5:00am to set up their tents on the zoo side of Rosenblatt stadium. They really know how to tailgate for the CWS. They had two tents set up side by side with lots of camping chairs underneath and near. There is a small strip of grass between the road and the parking lot and this is where folks set up tents. The strip of grass is just wide enough for a tent. There was not a area of grass that didn't have a tent on it. Our lunch was brauts, chicken wings, chips and cookies. Our supper was pulled pork sandwiches. They even had a grill with the handle being a baseball bat.

We went to the first game about 12:30 for the 1:08 first pitch. The stadium is the home field for the farm team in Omaha. It is in a neighborhood much like the old stadium for the Arkansas Travelers. Very homey feel. Lots of families. Very open. Our seats were down the right field line. I lasted until the 7 inning stretch because of the sun. Rice was leading when we left and LSU came back and won. We listened to the game back at the tailgate on a radio.

After supper and when the sun went down abit we went back in for the second game. Our seats were just behind the dugout on the right side. I lasted a few innings but had to leave because of the heat and all the walking I had done.

Carl found online for me two walking canes that have chairs. I used one today and it helped greatly.

I love to come here again with my family and share it with them.

I took lots of pictures and will post them soon.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Toto , We're not in Kansas anymore

I am sitting in our motel room in Omaha, NE. We left KS (and from what I hear I saw beautiful KS as opposed to flat, boring KS) this morning after breakfast with LindaG. She drove over from Blue Springs, MO to meet us. I don't have a card reader with me so I'll post pictures when I get home.

We drove up or rather north and as soon as we got into Iowa we saw flooding. We had to alter our route because of it. Some off ramps were closed because the road under the I-29 was under water.

We drove to Omaha and then because I have this thing for state capitals, Sweet Carl drove me to Lincoln. We saw the capital building and the University of Nebraska campus.

Tonight we had supper with some marketers from several utility companies. I had an OMAHA Steak. I thought that was only fitting since I am in Omaha. It was really good. I was one of two women there. The men were all polite. They asked if I was going to the games. YES was my answer. When they found out we went to Lincoln, they asked if I was impressed with the Cornhuskers stadium? It was fun to see, was my answer. Are you a hog fan? NO, I am an AUBURN fan. They would tippy-toe around to see if I knew my AUBURN football. My answer, YES I was at the CottonBowl when AUBURN beat Nebraska

Tomorrow we plan to meet up with the same group from supper to go to the ball games. The high temp tomorrow is to be 80. I am stoked. I am nervous about walking around and getting my self in pain but I will go with a chair so I can sit and rest as needed.

stay tuned

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A new pin for me!

Carl's sister, Marian made me for Christmas several years ago, a counted cross stitch of the outline of United States. She also included some straight pins with large heads. We all picked a color of pin. Carl-black, Ellen-blue, Andrew-red, Kaitlin-pink(they didn't have purple) and John-green. Whenever we would get home from a trip we couldn't wait to put pins in the new states we had visited. Because of the nature of Carl's job he quickly had a pin in the 48 contiguous states.

In 1993 we had a big trip and got to put in lots of pins when we got home. Near the end of that trip we stayed with good friends in KC, MO. I asked if we couldn't just go down the road a piece and put our feet in KS. No, was the vote. I've never let them forget it. I had pins all around Kansas but not in Kansas. In 2006 Kaitlin and John went through Kansas on their way to RYM Colorado. Not me.

In 2004, my brother, Charles and his wife, Frances took Kaitlin and me to Alaska. We are thrilled to have a pin in such an exotic state. But I still didn't have Kansas. Carl told me he would take a pole of random folks and ask would they rather go to Kansas or Alaska. I didn't care. I guess we always want what we don't have.

Carl is taking me to the College World Series. We drove part of the way today and plan to do the rest tomorrow. Carl got our motel for tonight in........KANSAS. I am writing this in Kansas. When I get home I get to put in a new pin!!!! I am fired up.

We plan to go to two games on Tuesday. I'll be cheering for NC and LSU. The games are on ESPN at 1 and 6 central time. Look for me on the tv!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Friends that are Family

Carl's sister-Marian, her husband-Sherrell, daughter-Meredith, and son-Alan came through AR and stayed the night with us on their way back to AL. Here we are eating out before they hit the road. What a blessing that we have so much in common.

More good friends

When we lived in New Orleans, I met KymH. We went to church together and lived within walking distance. Kym now lives in MS and brings her kids to a camp in AR every year. For the last few years she has dropped them off and then spent the week with me. She likes to exercise and scrapbook. She joins the athletic club and works out everyday. We set her up on her own table in the den and she just has at the scrapbooking.

One year all my family was gone too and we really had a girl party.

This year we ate out several times, went to Hobby Lobby and the Scrapbook Corner, laughed, cried and talked and talked and talked. What fun!

Friday night we went out in the backyard with glow sticks. Kaitlin set her camera on a tripod and I sat in a chair and pushed the button when she told me too. We spelled out Kym's name on one of the many pictures.

For more glow sticks pictures check out

Good Friends

A couple from our college and career group got married last weekend. She is from Albania(yes the country) and he is from Texarkana. His mama had the rehearsal dinner all planned and then life happened and it all fell apart. His mama called me and asked if I knew who could cater a meal. I asked her a few questions and then said that maybe we could do it for her. Clare did the lasagna, KimT the banana pudding, Jan the bread, Sandy the flowers, KimH the salad and the rest plus a few more served. We had a laughing good time too

I am blessed with wonderful friends

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am thankful

I enjoyed this take on storms. Carolyn McCulley is reading a book I now have on my booklist. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All in how you see it.

Speaking of pictures I loved what Andree Seu said today. How are your Pixels?

Do you like to look at pictures? I sure do

When Kaitlin takes wedding pictures, it takes about a month to get the cd of pictures to the client. If she takes any other pictures , it takes her about a week. She has begun a blog to put up some of those pictures in the first 24 hours after the event, so you can get a taste.

Kaitlin for the most part has a camera in her hand. She views life through that lens. She has started another blog of the pictures she takes of just life. I hope she updates it often. I love her pictures. Here it is. Enjoy

Thanks for telling me!!!

Kaitlin and Marisa love this product. I asked the girls if I could try it and they said " YES, you will loved it"

so I thought I'd try it. I sat on the sofa and put my legs up on the coffee table and put lotion on all the dry places on my legs which turned out to be mostly on the front of both legs. I had a little lotion left on my hand so I rubbed it on my right arm. I was unaware of the transformation that was to take place. Every place that I put said lotion has changed color, that color being in some places dirt color and in others a somewhat tan-ish color. I was stunned. When I asked Kaitlin she said " No Mother, it is in your head that your skin has changed colors" when I showed her the fronts of my legs and my one arm, she changed her story. She said " I usually put it on and then go to the pool" when I asked Marisa, she said that she never uses just this product, she always uses it with other lotion. Well, now is a good time for them to tell me this!!!!!!!!!

I tried to take a picture of my legs or rather the fronts of them but the picture doesn't do it justice. You know how a Mullet haircut is business in the front and party in the back. Well, my skin color is summer in the front and winter in the back. I am trying to act nonchalant about it. Marisa has my toes painted this glow-in-the-dark orange now. It makes people stop and comment. I am wondering if it stands out more now that my feet are sooooo white compared to my tan leg fronts. I just smile and nob when folks talk about them.

I wonder when I'll be all the same color. I'll let you know.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Stretch those dollars- here's a way

Kroger has a great deal going with gift cards now. Read about it here. I went today and got a 300.00 gift card and because of the special it became 330.00 and I only paid 300.00.

Hat Tip to my brother, John

A Good Story

I like to read the last page of Sports Illustrated.The article is written by Rick Reilly. Rick Reilly has moved to ESPN the Magazine. Here is his first article. It is a moving story. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

We love, no, LOVE shoes in our house.

I wrote about not being able to find a present I had in the house for Kaitlin for her birthday on this
post. Well, John found them in his room.

I think his exact words were " What the crap?!"as he brought the shoes into the den. Kaitlin was overjoyed to finally have them. She picked them out and then 'forgot about them'. Ha, I bought them and then I really forgot about them.

Kaitlin loves shoes. I think she loves them almost as much as stuffed animals. Papa made a rule 'that for every stuffed animal that comes into this house for her two must leave '. I think he may be close to making that rule for shoes. He says he thinks her room is going to fall off the house because of all the stuff she has.

I'll post pictures if her room falls off!

Three Goofballs

Here are some pictures I took as Andrew was getting ready to leave last week. I took several pictures and they were very patience with me as I strove to get just the right one. I moved them around some but liked this line up the best. After I took these pictures I said" Could y'all get in age order?" Simple question I thought... They were dumbfounded. Their united reply " Mother, we are in age order" OH, I knew that. I gave birth to these goofballs in this order from left to right.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let me know if you need an autograph

We have a celebrity in the house. Check her out. Hat tip to Sue

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who makes Kaitlin scream and wrestles with John

I feel almost like today is December 26th. All the plans and looking forward to have come and gone.

I have three children. Andrew, Kaitlin and John. Kaitlin lives at home, John is home for the summer and Andrew lives with his wife, Taylor, in Georgia.
Andrew came for a visit.

Taylor had a gathering of her friends for a week in North Carolina and because of the nature of Andrew's job, it was a good time for him to take vacation too. I missed her and hope she can be here soon.

Here are some bullet points of his visit.

-Andrew was not in the house for 5 minutes before he was chasing Kaitlin through the house checking to see if she had armpits. I can recall her screaming even now. Andrew comes into a room with his eyes twinkling and looking for some one's button to push.

-We went to a Traveler's game

-We watched the National Spelling Bee.

-Andrew put his GPS in my van. He told us he has to have it to get to the substations in his service area. Sometimes he uses it even when he knows how to get somewhere because he enjoys hearing the voice pronounce things wrong. One example he gave us was he has to do work on a Memorial Highway. the GPS say- mem Mole lia.

-Andrew's friend, Chris came to visit for the weekend. We shared lots of laughs. Andrew is blessed with wonderful friends.

Andrew got to eat at Senor Tequila's twice, Purple Cow, CheeburgerCheeburger (sorry we missed you Brittany), we saw Iron Man (I highly recommend the movie, I want to see it again), He got to swim with KerryF, play basketball with John, Grant, and Jake,played racquetball with John (had to take Advil afterwards as did John). We ate at Mt Fugi with KimT and BobT. KimT even got in a jumping picture!

This is the hardest part of mothering I believe. To do my job so well that they don't need me. wow! It was a precious time with Andrew home. It was fun to hear the banter between the children and the laughter and the teasing and the remember when...

Andrew's language of love is touch. He would get up in the morning and sit by me on the sofa and we would watch Sportcenter. He has done this since we have had cable. We talked AUBURN football and the books we have been reading. And we laughed.

I am thankful I am sad because it means we are blessed with a wonderful relationship.

It is quiet here tonight without Andrew.

A double life

Wade and Majel lead a double life. By day they fight the pests the seek to invade houses and yards in Little Rock and after hours they are remodeler's. They are not alone.

Hat tip to my brother, John


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