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Friday, February 29, 2008

A sweet memory from my mama

The following is a poem I found among my mama's things. Kaitlin loves it and has it now on a canvas. I thought you would enjoy it. I don't know if it has a name or who wrote it.

It seems wherever I go, people come
Into my life or go out of it.
Touching me where I can feel them
Leaving me only a memory.
Like the gossamer fairytales of children,
Easily forgotten, and I wasn't through knowing them.

How do I know? Whom am I seeing for the last time?
How do you halt your lives and gather those around
you that you've ever known?
And how do you keep fairy tales from losing their

So come brush against the walls of my life.
And stay long enough for us to know each other.
Even thought we know I will want you back when you've
But come anyway
For fairy tales are the happiest stories we know.
And great books are made of little chapters.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not out of a bottle

When I was born my hair was very dark then it went blond and then light brown. Now who knows what color it is. I would say gray. Kaitlin says blond. Once when I was getting a perm and there were several women in the hair dresser's room in different stages of dye, perm etc, a lady asked Kristi to dye her hair the same color that Kristi had dyed mine! Kristi and I both laughed and she said that I don't have any dye on my hair. The woman couldn't believe it.

I have been in the bathroom at church and had women come up to me and ask what rinse I use on my hair. At first I didn't know what they were asking so I said that I use what every shampoo is near me when I wash my hair. What RINSE they asked again? Then I clued in and said that it was all natural. They were stunned.

So I should be used to it right....

I am standing in line at Walmart. My mind is on the person with the wild shoes in front of me and then on what is for supper and then...I felt something in the back of my hair. I stand still as the hair stood up on the back of my neck. What is it??? I feel it again. I slowly turn around. Now I am stunned. Two women, impeccable dressed, not a hair out of place are running their hands through my hair. They don't seem to think anything unusual about this. " Your hair is beautiful, what color do you use on it?" they say. Now I am not James Bond or Lara Croft yet so I don't respond quickly to strange situations. It may have only been 30 seconds but it seemed like 5 minutes till my mouth worked. I stamered out "God". "Excuse me" they say. "God did it and I don't put anything on my hair" ( I know that was a dumb thing to say but I mean really what do you say as strange people are running their hands throught your hair) They look at me a minute and say " How strange" Now I thinking ...How strange...How strange...what do they think is strange my hair, my response, or their nerve.

I'm thinking about wearing a hat when I go out, no , I should get a wig and if anyone asks me about my hair, I'll pull the wig off. That would shock them!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Missions Conference

I love the PCA.

This week is our missions conference. It is a most wonderful time for our church and I love it. Wednesday Night the missions committee has supper with the missionaries and their host families in a home. This year ,as we have done for the past few years ,we will be at the home of Jan and Jeff. This is the highlight of the conference for me. It is an intimate setting and lots of sharing from the heart goes on here. I believe if more folks knew how wonderful this meal was they would be standing in line to be the initial hosts for a missionary.

Thursday and Friday we have meeting at church that begin with supper. Our main speaker this year is Dr Medeiros. He is from RTS Jackson, MS. I believe he teaches missions.

Saturday the women have a breakfast with the female missionaries sharing what is going on right now in their hearts and lives ( this is my second favorite event) and the men have a lunch
with the men sharing the same. Our breakfast will be at the Hilton and I am sure the food will be yummy but the men this year will have an amazing meal. Dan B is from a farm family in Minnesota. He is cooking the men a meal from his growing up days. He takes a big metal milk can and first he puts in ears of corn, next is all manner of veggies and on top of that are sausages. He puts enough water to cover the corn. He puts the milk can on a grid over an open fire. The sausages season the veggies as the corn is steamed. My mouth is watering as I write this.

Sunday we will hear from our missionaries in Sunday School and Dr Medeiros will preach during the church service. We will have a special treat during our service as Jim and Ellen will speak for a few minutes. They have been missionaries supported by our church for over 20 years. They are off their current field now as Ellen battles cancer.

My job on the missions committee is to find housing and meals during the day for the missionaries while they are here. Usually we have a main speaker and maybe three other missionaries. This year we have a main speaker and SEVEN missionaries. I about fainted when I realized the numbers I'd be dealing with this year. But why? Me of little faith. God has provided for them all. My job is like a big puzzle and I have to fit all these pieces together. The problem is most of the pieces are people and that can get dicey. I usually get my feelings hurt every which of way but thankfully KimT makes sense of it all and tells me not to take things so personal .

One of the many reasons I love the PCA is the smallness of it. About six or seven years ago our main speaker was Julian Russell. He came with his whole family. He has a son named Andrew too. The two Andrew's had a good visit and even played pingpong while they watched some March Madness basketball. This year at my Andrew's church in Valdosta, Ga the main speaker is none other than Julian Russell. Andrew can't wait to renew his friendship with Mr. Russell and ask about his buddy Andrew Russell. How cool is that?!?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Did you see that tree in the shower? No, did you?

We are blest to have three bathrooms in our house. Two are upstairs and the third is off the laundry room. There is a bedroom off the laundry too. This bedroom started as Andrew's and now John's. So the bathroom is used by John and Andrew mostly and if you come to see me you will use it also. When we are here without guests or John and Andrew, I use that shower to water plants or let the mop dry or the cooler air dry etc.

Sometimes I forget what I have used the shower for in the preceding week or I get busy and leave the plants or the whatever in the shower. If this happens while you are here, just holler and I'll get the whatever out. This has never dawned on John or Andrew. They just take a shower with the whatever?!? I mean they don't even move the plant, mop or cooler to the floor outside the shower, they shower with whatever.

One Christmas we got a Rosemary bush as a present. It arrived before both boys were home so I gave it a shower in their shower and I forgot it. During the holidays the laundry room smelled so good. I thought I had gotten some new detergent or someone had new aftershave. When I finally had time to track down the smell , I was dumbfounded that two seemingly smart fellows could shower for a week with a tree and not move it. Don't get the idea that this a big shower either. No . They had to do some tricky footwork to make this happen.

This weekend it was a cooler that needed to dry out. Not a little cooler either. I've given up trying to understand. I think I am going to get a BIG trash can from the church kitchen and see if anyone notices. I'll let you know.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And you shall rest and shall stand in your allotted place at the end of the days

This past Sunday in Sunday School our teacher ,Del, gave us an overview of the book of Daniel. God is in control of fire, lion's mouths, dreams, kingdoms and all of history. Some parts of history are rough but He wins in the end. Amen

There must be a microphone in that seat

I have been driving a mini van since 1990. I remember the little pontiac station wagon I drove before the mini van. The children all sat in the back, side by side by side. Too close for me. The hitting and poking got to me but the comment that put me over the edge was " Mama, she is looking out my window !". It is a wonder I have any hair left in my head.

The day we got our mini van all the children got into the way back seat so they could sit side by side by side. No way I said! One in the front, one in the middle and one in the back. They didn't not understand.

Fast froward to now. Usually when I run errands it is just me in the van. Sometimes I have Kaitlin and, or Marisa and sometimes even Carl. On the weekends when John is home and we are all together, someone has to ride in the way back seat in the van- the third seat. This past weekend it was John usually it is Kaitlin. I guess I need to ride back there to get the true experience but I realized that J and K respond the same way when they are back there.

You know how someone talks when they have on earphones and you don't. THEY TALK REAL LOUD. When you ride in the way back seat something happens to the loudness factor in your voice because your voice gets REALLY LOUD. Something also happens to your hearing. One must have the feeling that no one in the van is paying attention to you because they both said things several times even if we respond. They can't hear us they say. Then they have the feeling that since no one is paying attention to them why not put on a one act play or sing a solo. Now we can hear them just fine, in fact, better than fine so when the singing starts or the solilquy begins we all get quite but they don't know it yet. We laughed so hard on Sunday at John. When he realized what was happening his response was the classic " What?" Then he got into his new found audience. It was great fun. Get more material for this weekend John, you're in the way back again, by popular demand.

HGH and Psalm 37

Last week in Bible Study our teacher asked us what did we come away with from the reading and study of Psalm 37.

'Fret Not' is used three times in verses 1, 7, 9. Befriend Faithfulness is a command we are given in verse 3. In verse 23 we are told that the steps of a man are established by the Lord- (therefore He is not surprised by anything). These were some of the verses that impacted some of the women.

Our teacher told us that this Psalm and Psalm 73 both speak of the evildoers. We have all seen those that have perfect families and jobs and health and no love for doing what is right. We are commanded in these psalms not to be envious of them.

Our leader has a daughter in college. She is taking some really hard classes this semester. She was invited to a study group for her hardest class. When she arrived she found out that the group had info for the test that her school says is forbidden to have. She walked away but knew that those that stayed would likely make great grades and may pass the class and she may not. Where is the justice she wanted to know.

As I was watching Sportscenter that evening I was struck all the discussion about Human Growth Hormone or HGH. I wonder how many folks are playing or have played sports- baseball in particular- and haven't take these. They aren't and weren't the fastest or strongest. How many had to quit because they lost their jobs to those that do or did take HGH?

I am reminded of the verses in Matthew 6 that speak of the doing the right thing and getting a reward in your Father who sees you. And in Romans chapter 2 vs 6 He will render to each one according to his works: to those who by patience in well doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life but to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth but obey unrighteousness, there will be wrath and fury

We know our ultimate reward is our salvation and being in heaven with Jesus. Many wrongs will not be made right until then but I have to think that it is not fun in the home of Roger Clemens these days. With his friends as they 'misremember' what he said, not knowing that his wife took HGH oh, wait, maybe he did know.

I then reread Romans 2:1 For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things.

I am sure glad I'm not on the TV with a hearing about my sins.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dog Show Part II

We had 15 people over for our Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show party. Don and Betty brought spaghetti and meatballs and coleslaw. Elizabeth couldn't be here but she sent her garlic toast. Sandy sent her yummy rice crispy with peanut butter and chocolate dessert. Susan Burke brought a cake, brownies and a box of candy, KimT brought a vegie tray and Clare brought bread with melted cheese and ice from Sonic. Yum Yum.

We had our plates filled and were ready by show time at 7. Bryan and Susan went to the dog show last year and Susan was wearing her 'Dogs Rule' shirt.

I was wrong in my last dog blog about the dumbest dog. It is the Basenji. I thought the judge for the working group went to sleep as she stood there judging. She was moving very slowly when she was moving. Don thought she would pick the Boxer. Up to that point he had picked all the dogs that went on to Best of Show. He didn't pick the winner this year, he said it was too close.

I should have written down all the witty things that were said during the show but alas maybe next year. If fact come over next year and join us! We do have fun.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I like the PBGV!

Tonight at 7 cst is the Westminster Kennel Dog Show on USA network. I have been watching this dog show for about 15 years. And the strange thing is 'I don't like dogs'. I do love the history behind the breeds and all the pageantry.

When the children were small we would watch the rebroadcast during the day ( one of the joys of homeschooling) but now we watch it live.

Tonight is the first night with the conclusion being tomorrow night. Two years ago my friends, Bob and KimT went to NY ,in the snow, to attend the dog show. We had a dog show party at my house that year. Carl brought Chinese food for our group. We had 11 in attendance. One couple, Don and Betty, came because they love dog shows or so we thought. No, Don is a dog show judge. Who knew. Our watching of the show changed because Don and Betty( who was an owner, handler) would add comments and tell us things that the common dog show watcher would never know. For instance, the handler's outfit should compliment the dog, the treats that they give the dogs are usually liver that the handler has cooked at home, the whippet is the dumbest dog- if that handler ever drops the leash all other handlers will immediately go after that dog because it WILL get lost.

Don just causally mentioned when all the Best of Group were in the ring for the Best of Show which dog he thought would win. IT WON. I had been texting KimT the whole show with his comments. She shared them with those around her too. They really thought she was something when her friend back in Arkansas picked the winner.

Last year our group grew because we had Bob and KimT with us. Betty brought lasagna and others rounded out the meal. Again, Don and Betty wowed us with their knowledge and Don picked the winner the moment the dog walked into the ring.

Tonight my party will be small with just Marisa, Carl, Teresa and me. Kaitlin has class. But tomorrow our group will be 20 strong! Friends have invited friends. I do love a party. We plan to give Don and Betty prime seats so they can tell us what all we are seeing. Maybe I'll get away enough to blog who Don thinks will win before it is announced.

Have you ever watched the Dog show? Do you have a favorite dog?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Being a Mama

Some days I wonder about my job description. I think after having been a mama and then a homeschool mama and now I'm back to being mama again makes me wonder. I have on my hands something new. Time. Should I get a part time job? I mean I have grown children at home and they pretty much take care of themselves. (Ok, except the part about knowing that clothes go IN the walk-in closet not on the floor becoming the walk-on closet and now that I can't bend over I just shut the door) I don't always cook supper because often because of schedules I am home alone. So what's a mama to do? I am reading more, scrapbooking more and even blogging. Just when I was pondering what I should be doing God sent me last Wednesday.

I got all my folks to work and school, stopped by the church to drop my chicken off for the meal that night, went to Physical Therapy and was walking in to eat lunch with KimT before we headed to the church to cook and my phone rang... It was Corrie. She is a friend of my from church. She is a part of the College and Career group that Carl and I are a part of. She is living here and working at her first job. She is in marketing and her territory is the whole state. She had had a car wreck. She had rear ended another vehicle and she was being transported to the hospital. Her vehicle was totaled. She was in tears and wanted to know if she could call me when she was finished at the ER and could I take her home. I told her I would meet her in the ER now.

I beat her to the ER and was asking if she had already been taken back when her ambulance arrived. Bless her heart. Her air bag had deployed and burned her inner forearms plus her neck and chest hurt ,in addition to, just being in a wreck. She let me comfort her. I hugged on her when she was cold and held her hand when she got a tetanus shot. We laughed about the handsome ER doctor and thanked God that he so gently examined her arms. I could tell her that the EKG they wanted to run would not hurt and we shuddered together as we heard the patient 3 beds down cough.

She got to the ER at 12pm and we left at 4pm. She had regained her composure when we left but knew she needed to call home. As soon as she heard her mama's voice she cried and so did I and so did her mama. Her sweet mama wanted to reach through that phone and bring comfort to that precious baby who was hurting in body and in spirit. I talked to her mama and said that Corrie was fine, shaken up , but fine and answered a few of her questions. She thanked me and we both cried again. "It was my pleasure" I said. I really meant that.

So I am back to being a mama with time on her hands and I am so glad.

How do you feel today?

Did you see the article in The Wall Street Journal on February 5 on Learn by Cooing: Empathy Lessons From Little Tykes?

In Canada, New Zealand, Australia and now the US there are more than 2000 babies brought in to teach Emotional Literacy. It is part of a wave of programs in schools to help children recognize and talk about their feelings rather than act them out aggressively.

Not everyone is happy with these programs. They feel they are stealing time from academics.

Interesting. What do you think?

Do you have a new song?

Bible Study on Thursday was fantastic. I was not able to do my lesson but went to hear the observations of my fellow soujourners. This study is set up a little different from Kathleen's Proverbs study. She begins each lesson with the Psalm you are to discuss. You are exhorted to read it throught several times including some 'out loud'. She then wants five observations. She has the lesson broken down into days . Some days have 5 questions and some only 2. The last day we are to reread the psalm again. I like that she has the Psalm written out for me. I can mark in my book the words or phrases that jump out at me or the thoughts that are mentioned several times.

This week we studied Psalm 33. Here are some thoughts from the study: In verse 3, Sing to him a new song- this phrase 'new song' is mentioned several times in scripture. Our teacher said that her interpretation of this was that we should see new things that God has done for us daily. Yes, we can harken back to what He has done for us in the past but we need 24 hour freshness of the newness that God is doing in our lives. We should have lots of 'new songs' to sing to Him.

In verse 6 He uses the breath of His mouth to make the host of heaven. What power He has that even His breath can create things. I can picture this from reading The Narnia books as Aslan created the world.

Verse 7 speaks of Him gathering the water. Who can even hold water and God can gather it

In verse 13 He sees all the children of man but in verse 18 His eye is on those who fear Him. We talked about how when your children are on a playground you see the whole group but your eye is on your own.

In verse 11 The counsel of the LORD stands forever but in verse 10 the LORD brings the counsel of the nations to nothing. In this election season, it is great to be reminded of these great truths.

It was a wonderful study. I felt renewed.

Monday, February 4, 2008

But Where Are The Books????

My friend, Ann, recently invited a few friends over to visit with the curator of the Clinton Library. It was fascinating. Here is some of what I learned:

The Clinton Library and all Presidential are run by NARA-The National Archives and Records Administration. It is an independent federal agency that preserves our nation's history and oversees the management of all federal records. So the curator doesn't work for the Clinton's. When folks visit the library and try to engage her in politics she usually just nods and says " Interesting"

For the first 150 years of our history most of the official goverenment records were not stored well. Some WWI records were kept in a White House Garage. In 1935 the National Archives became the permanent home for the records that would be accessible to the government and the public. Most folks think of the Archives Building in D.C. but there are 33 facilities that hold more than 4 billion pieces of paper from the three branches of government including..........300,000 reels of motion picture film, more than 5 million maps, charts and architecural drawings, 9 million aerial photos, 14 million still pictures and posters and 7,600 computer data sets.

In 1939 FDR donated his personal and Presidential papers to the Federal Government. This began the Presidential Library system.He pledged part of his estate in Hyde Park to the US and friends formed a non-profit corporation to raise funds for the construction of the library and the museum building.

In 1955, Congress passed the Presidential Libraries Act, establishing a system of Privately erected and federally mantained libraries. The Act Encouraged other Presidents to donate their historical materials to the government and ensured the preservation of Presidential papers and their availability to the American people. She said that some Presidents and their staff are very orderly and when they leave office the papers and memorabilia are well marked, others just dump things into boxes along with shoes, pencils and whatever. The Libraries under this Act are: Hoover- 1962, FDR- 1940, Truman- 1957, Eisenhower- 1962, Kennedy- 1979. Johnson-1971, Nixon-opened in 1990 entered NARA system in 2007, Ford- 1981, and Carter- 1986.

In 1978, President Carter signed the Presidential Records Act(PRA) which made the papers and artifacts from the administration federal property. All libraries after this date are governed by a completely different set of rules.... And why are you asking was this act needed...Nixon and Watergate. These Libraries are Reagan- 1991, Bush- 1997, Clinton- 2004.

The Presidential Libraries Act of 1986 also made changes to the Presidential Libraries, requiring private endowments linked to the size of the facility. This helps with fixing the roof and all kinds of maintenance. It also limited the size of the Libraries because the bigger the ego the bigger the buildings were getting and then given to the government to run.

When a Head of State gives a gift to the POTUS( President of the United States)-she did use this word, I've heard it in movies and didn't know it was really used!- it is really given to the American people. At the end of his Presidency, he may buy some of these. President Clinton did buy some from those Heads of States that were his friends.

Christine said that so far only 3% of all the Clinton "stuff" has been cataloged. She has 84,000 more things to go through. She has a staff of 3. The Clinton Library has 20,000 square feet of exhibit space on three levels. She only knows when the Clintons are in town when she drives into the parking lot and sees Secret Services or when Hillary comes to town, she or one of her staff must dust the artifacts that are in apartment on top of the library. They are the only ones that can do that. I hope Hillary never drops in for a visit here because I would rather read than dust.

Before this job, Christine worked at the Hoover Library. She said that it is very different working for a library of a living President under the new rules rather than a dead one under the old ones.

The Clinton Library is free 4 days a year- Presidents Day, July 4th, Clinton's Birthday, August 19, and the anniversary of the day it opened in November( that date is subject to change due to day of the week)

"Breaking the Veils: Art by Muslim Women" will be on exhibit this June. This exhibit has been on display around the world and the exhibit in June is the first showing in the United States. Early next year Caroline Kennedy's dolls are to be on exhibit.

I have only been to one Presidential Library and that was Truman's with my friend, Linda. I may have to visit the Clinton one. Maybe we can go together?

Super Bowl

Way to go Giants!!! My favorite commercial was the Thriller dance and the lizards. What was yours?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Carl and Charles, Venus and Jupiter

I don't remember how old I was when my brother, Charles, got his telescope for Christmas but I do remember what a new world it opened up for me and Mama. I think he got the merit badge from boy scouts with his newly acquired knowledge. I remember once he was to observe the winter night sky every hour. Mama wanted to see it with him. She got up every hour. She tried waking Charles up but to no avail. She loved all that she saw that night. She really must of loved it because it was a chilly night and she would get her coat, hat and gloves on over her jammies and go out to the front porch where the telescope was. She would look until she was too cold and go back in and jump in the warm bed until it was time to go look again.

I remember learning from Charles the names of constellations like Cassiopeia, Orion and The Pleiades and the planet Venus. We are blessed to live so far out and away from city lights that I am able in their season to see these and many more.

I wake up early. I should probably say before the sun is even thinking about waking up. When I am in bed I look and see the southeastern sky. In the winter I can see more because of the leaves being gone. I try to lay still because sweet Carl is still sleeping away. Yesterday I saw two stars that were unusual together. I knew one was Venus but what was the other... I woke Carl up. "What are those stars?" He looked and said " Venus and I don't know" and went back to sleep. I didn't give it another thought but just enjoyed them and the beautiful sky until I got up.

This morning there they are again.... I wake up Carl again. "There are those stars again" He was ready for me today..." They are Venus and Jupiter. They are the closest they will be during your life time. You will never see this again" Back asleep he is. I lay there pondering this. " How do you know this?" He wakes up again to say "NPR...They have a show every morning on the stars" back sleep . " Arent's you glad I showed them to you so you knew what they were talking about????" MMMMHHHHUUUUM He says drifting away.

So tomorrow get up early and look in the southeastern sky half way up as you are laying on your side and you will see them too. I would invite you all over but we would probably talk and poor Carl wouldn't any sleep!


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