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Friday, April 29, 2011

Books Books Books

I just realized that I haven't written any book reviews for 2011 yet! So here we go...

Fly Away Home by Jennifer Wiener

The story of what happens to the family of a senator when he has an affair. It has some of the funniest lines to help cope with the heavy topic. I plan to find more by this author. I enjoyed this book.

The Young Clementina by D E Stevenson

Could be my new favorite D E Stevenson book. Such wonderful descriptions and a great story.

Things We Once Held Dear by Ann Tatlock

A widower goes to his childhood home after his wife's death and finds healing. Great story.

Hurricanes in Paradise by Denise Hildreth

I like and have enjoyed all of this author's books and this was no exception. This is about four women whose lives become intertwined and how they help each other. Really good.

I'll Watch the Moon by Ann Tatlock

This book has one of the best stories about forgiveness and what keeping that in front of you does for your outlook on life. Really good.

The Sunday Wife by Cassandra King

The story of a pastor's wife. This book made me ever so thankful for a husband that hears and listens to me. Good book- made me ponder.

The Musgraves by D E Stevenson

Very good.

Rosabelle Shaw by D E Stevenson

Very good.

The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

I have enjoyed all the books by this author, I was not disappointed with this one!

The Two Mrs Abbots by D E Stevenson

I met up with some characters from an earlier book and was pleased to catch up on their lives! Very good.

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

A mystery which normally I don't enjoy but this was an exception. I have the second one on my stack of TBRs

The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander

I LOVED this book. I learned so much. Did you know that Tsarina Alexandra of Russia was Queen Victoria's granddaughter? I did not. I started this book and then got online to bone up on my European history. This author did his homework. Lots of twists and turns and a good ending!

off to take a nap after Royal Wedding watching....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Do you like your story?

Donald Miller is an author that Andrew introduced me to. His most famous book is Blue Like Jazz but my favorite is A Million Miles in A Thousand Years. In it he challenges you with 'what are you doing with your life', what is your story? Here is an encouraging story about someone who changed their story. Enjoy! How to tell a better story

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A poem for Holy Week

I got this from Desiring God. Enjoy!

How Awesome Is That Day to MeApri

Ponder these words as Holy Week begins. You might consider using this

poem in your personal or family devotions this week:

How awesome is that day to me-
O day of hallowed history!
Set time in God’s determined plan
To sacrifice the Son of Man.
What famous work that day was done
By Jesus Christ, His Perfect Son!
The Second Adam, sent to save,
Humbly obeying to the grave!

How savage is that day to me-
O day of pure brutality!
When Christ, the Son of God Most High,
Was fiercely whipped and hung to die.
And O the horror of my sin,
Seen there in His appalling skin!
For God struck down- as meant for me-
The sinless One, at Calvary.

How precious is that day to me-
O day of purchased liberty!
In Him, a freeman now I live;
My sins, through death, did God forgive.
No wrath at length looms o’er my head,
But lovingkindness there instead.
His righteousness, my guilt replaced,
And Love, this ransomed soul embraced!

O awesome, savage, precious day-
‘Tis God the Savior on display!
What peerless, holy, gracious Mind
Would fashion such a Grand Design?

Kevin Hartnett works for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, overseeing the science operations activities of the mission. He was selected in 2003 from a thousand candidates as the “Poet of the Year” by the Fellowship of Christian Poets.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kaitlin's senior show!

Here she is!
Ann brought three of her grandchildren
The painting with light photos
Her graphic design
Here is the whole gallery. Kaitlin had three walls, two for her photos and one for her graphic design
Dan talking to Grandma
Uncle Larry had a wonderful visit with one of Kaitlin's photo teachers, Gary. Gary graduated from AUBURN so he had a wonderful visit with all the AUBURN grads at the reception.

Desi signing the guest book. Aunt Marian sent Kaitlin the flowers.
Del and Hazel

Carl wore his AUBURN shirt!
Ruth, Clare and Katie

Ashley and Jill
Uncle Charles
Heather, Hannah and HaydenIt was a great reception. We were so blest by those that stopped by to encourage Kaitlin and view her art.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

11 on the 11th, What are you thankful for?

I am coming off a very high 'high' of a wonderful weekend of family and friends who came together to encourage, support and generally love on Kaitlin and her art.

I am thankful for many things including

1- family that flew or drove to spend the weekend in Arkansas with us

2- friends that gave up their Saturday to be with us at UALR

3- Nathan, the wonderful gallery director, who opened up the gallery for us and even the student competition so folks could see lots of art.

4- lots of cousin laughter and new stories

5- and the thread that holds us all together

6- cameras, so that memories can be preserved. Pictures to follow soon!

7- terrible movies that make for funny stories

8- National Championship cokes and National Championship fun tumbler with a lid for my birthday

9- flowers for the sign in table at the reception

10- that Kaitlin has aunts and uncles from both sides of her family that get along and enjoy each other's company so much so that it confuses outsiders as to who is related to whom

11- for the perseverance that God gave Kaitlin, she never wanted to go to college and here she is ready to graduate

Grief is hard!

Written in Tears is a wonderful review of a book I plan to buy soon. It was written by a father who lost a daughter. One of my friends is going through the hard, hard work of grief. I thought of her as I read the review. Here are some thoughts from the review that really hit home to me.

I believe that God is good.

I don’t believe that it’s appropriate for you to tell for you to tell me so when my daughter dies.

When my daughter dies, it’s my job to tell you that God is good. Until I can do that, don’t be like Job’s friends. Offer your support, and wait in silence.

Don’t try to make the pain go away. The pain doesn’t go away. Hurt with me.

If you are hurting, I hope this helps you.

If you know someone who is hurting, I hope this helps you help them.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday, It must be Mrs Wilkes

Has it been two weeks since we were with Andrew and Taylor? Hard to believe! Two weeks ago today, Carl, Kaitlin and I headed down to some squares in Savannah for Kaitlin to take some pictures and then we planned to meet Andrew for lunch.

This first picture is on the trolley tour of Savannah. I am not sure of the name of the building but the cool thing about the building is the circles you see in the decorations above the semi-circles above the windows. Are you still with me? Do you see them? Well, each circle has a different kind of marble in it and all are found in Georgia. Cool!

Love the Spanish Moss
This monument is where Nathanael Greene is buried. We were introduced to him when we studied the American Revolution when the children were younger. Andrew set out to learn all he could about him. How fitting that Andrew now lives where Nathanael Green is buried. When the American Revolution began he was a militia private, the lowest rank possible, and he emerged from the war with a reputation as George Washington's most gifted and dependable officer. He was given a plantation near Savannah after the war. Eli Whitney was on his plantation and invented the Cotton Gin there.
Here is Kaitlin with her large format camera. The comments we got from other tourists were very funny. They were all impressed with the size of the camera, most of them were using their Iphones to take pictures.

Here is where Andrew wanted to eat lunch. If you ever go to Savannah, put this on your list of places to eat. They are open only from 11-2, they only take cash or checks and the cost is 16.00 a person. We got there at 10:30. We got in to eat at 11:35.

You eat family style with

Kaitlin loved the banana pudding for dessert!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can I buy you a beer?

So the Crystal Beer Parlor! Great place to eat in Savannah. Mostly you see locals here, not too many tourists. This was the third place we tried to eat on Monday of our visit. Andrew's top place was not open on Monday and we made it to his second recommendation on Thursday. His first place did look a little sketchy but we'll try it next time!

A story within the story--Carl took us to Savannah then had to go on a business trip to Little Rock! The credit card company was not too pleased with the card being used in two different cities at the same time and I appreciate that. The company called Carl with the situation. They gave him the names of the places that the card was being used at. Carl called me. He asked was I using my credit card and where? I said that we had been to AC Moore, Walmart and had gotten gas for the van. Then Carl somewhat lowered his voice and said that someone had used the card at a beer parlor!
"That would be me, Carl" I think Carl was a speechless. Oh well, we got the credit card company alerted and Carl too!

This was the best thing I ate in Savannah. Kaitlin used her fancy app to steer us to them. Gawga Nachoes was what they were called. Chips, sweet bar b que, cheese, onions, sweet pickles and jalapenoes. To say that they were unbelievably fantastic would be an understatement. Next time we go there, with Carl- of course, I'll get this as my meal. We hope to make these soon at home.
And of course dessert... banana egg rolls. It had bananas, peanut butter and chocolate. When we go back, this will be the dessert I get!And for the record, none of us got beer.

I spent the afternoon with these two sillies. I pulled up my camera and this is what I got!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Pink House

This restaurant is in an old house on a square in Savannah. Kaitlin has this wonderful app for her iphone where she can read what The Food Network folks like to eat at certain places. Here is what they recommended... a BLT salad with fried green tomatoes. It was amazing.
This is one of our desserts. It is a praline basket. Oh my goodness, was it ever good.
Here was an appetizer we got, southern sushi. Carl loved it, I thought it was interesting.
You cannot go wrong with shrimp and grits. This one even had greens.
Here is a fun picture we made in the park in front of The Pink House.I ate at The Pink House about 40 years ago with my girl scout troop. We came to Savannah to see the Girl Scout founders home.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How's your Brain?

Upgrade your brain! Andrew and I talked about this when we were together during spring break.

Very fascinating read. I like the suggestions below.

  1. Attend an art display in a style you don’t particularly care for.
  2. Listen to a different radio station.
  3. Spend some time reading in the room in your house where you spend the least amount of time.
  4. If you have land or a yard, go stand in part of it where you don’t think you’ve ever been before.

  • Read
  • Get a degree
  • Seek out new experiences
  • Think
  • Practice
  • Write
  • Do thing
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