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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is it Duke or North Carolina?

Here is a Football Funny. Poor Fellow

More AUBURN news

AUBURN finished with 18 medals in the Olympics. That is 14th in the rankings. If AUBURN were a country they would have finished 14th tied with Spain and Canada.
War Eagle

War Eagle

Guess what I had today to quench my thirst!

We had a piece of furniture to bring to Taylor and Andrew. We drove as far as my back could handle. We met up with Andrew in AUBURN. We saw the Rushings and Frank. Toomers lemonade, for those who don't know, is the best plus it is a tradition.
AUBURN won 34-zip. That was fun too

Gustav is headed to Bay St.Louis

Please pray for the mission that my family went to this summer. Read here about how the hurricane is affecting them.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Phase lll Done?????

Here is a smatering of pictures from the girls bathroom project. Marisa is showing how high the shower head is- she is 5'7" so now tall folks don't have to get on their knees in this shower to get clean. Kaitlin and Marisa are showing how much they will enjoy showering in their new shower. New light fixtures and new facets- this were picked for those days when you want to wash your hair in the sink. I believe they are finished (see my fingers being crossed). Wade and Majel plan to be here this afternoon and do the 'punch' list as Carl calls it. All the last minute things.

We fed them supper last night. I fixed chicken, wrapped in bacon on top of dried beef, with rice and green beans, with sister shurberts and cookies and cream for dessert. ( Cookies and Cream is made with Chips Ahoa firm cookies, dipped in milk, then put in layers in whatever size pan you have. After a layer of cookies put a layer of cool whip and repeat. Chill for several hours or over night. Very rich and it goes a long way. I may go get me some now)

Wade asked what my next project for them is...I will be thinking about that.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

A new to me tag

Annie Ferguson sent this tag. Grab your camera and without cleaning up anything what does your sink, fridge, laundry, toilet, closet, favorite shoes, kids, favorite place look like and then throw in a self portrait.
My fridge
As I had the camera turned around to take a picture of me, Kaitlin really got on to me and said " How boring mama" Be creative with your self portrait she exhorted me. So here is my self portrait

Thanks so much Marisa for cleaning up the sink last night!

I love Mephistos. I wear them all the time. They are pricey but worth every penny. If you have any foot issues or back problem these are the shoes for you

Marisa in her new PINK room and she is not too happy to see me with a camera.

I turned the light on in Kaitlin's room. She needed to get up. Plus there wasn't enough light to get the picture. You are glad this is blurry, she wasn't too happy either

This is my favorite spot. You are seeing MY LAPTOP. I can now sit in the den and be with everyone and be on the computer! Thanks Carl! I also scrapbook here and write letters.
Ok now, I want to see: Matthew, Callie, Brianna, Sue, Jennifer, Rilee, Katy, Emily, Allison and you!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

And I mean literally

Kaitlin has to go into her photography class on Tuesday with her project for the semester in mind. Her thoughts are ranging from: night shots, faceless portraits shots, reflections, and anything that comes into her mind before Tuesday

Yesterday, Kaitlin had Paige for several hours to use as a model. Paige is 8. Here are some of
those pictures. Kaitlin has a new backdrop so after the outside shots she was up in my room using the natural light from my windows.

As we were driving around getting the outside shots, we were visiting. Paige was telling us about her daddy painting her bedroom. When Marisa painted her room recently, she slept in Kaitlin's room for a few days. I wondered where Paige slept while her daddy painted her room. I asked her. She told me that her daddy didn't paint at night so she slept in her bed. Kaitlin and I just smiled.

Bathroom Phase lll

Here is the girl's bathroom after they tiled the tub area. We are thrilled. Wade said that he liked it so much that he planned to do his bathroom in his house with this tile. Today they plan to do the rest of the tile in the room.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bathroom Phase lll

Here is the artist seeing art in any situation. These are the old knobs from the cabinet.Here you are seeing the new shelf that was built to hold towels and such. Plus you are seeing the chocolate brown color the cabinet is painted.

Here you are seeing the dark tan color of the walls. No work is to happen today but early tomorrow they plan to do all the tiling and maybe some wiring for the lights. Carl may move the lights around and put a bigger light in the middle of the room. The girls say the shower is dark and they need move light.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

John is Golden today

Today my baby is 21. 21! He is getting old.

Today is the 21st. His golden birthday- that is when you are the same age as your birthdate. I remember when he was born, thinking, wow, it will be A Long time until his golden birthday.

Happy Birthday John! It has been a fun 21 years. I am so glad God gave you to us and not some other family :)

Here is a peek...

Here is the list of books for the Bookmarkers for September-July.

The official announcment will be made in September at the Ladies Meeting. So you are in the know early!

September 29th At Home in Mitford by Karon
October 27th The Whistling Season by Doig
November 17th Some Buried Ceasar by Stout
January 26 th Miracle at Phildelphia by Bowen
February 23th The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs by McCall Smith and
How to be a Perfect Person in Just 3 Days by Manes
March 30th The Thread That Runs So True by Stuart
April 27th Some Wildflower of my Heart by Turner
May 25th Kite Runner by Hosseini
June 22nd Anne of Green Gables by Montgomery
July27th A Wrinkle in Time by L'Engle

I am excited.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I wanted to blow kisses all day today

My sister-in-law's mother has Alzheimer's. She is in a nursing home. Please read about Frances'
latest visit.

Friends, Fun, and Funerals

On Monday, Clare and I drove to Shreveport to the funeral of the grandmother of our friend, Zach. We decided on Sunday to go. I was at her house at 6:30 am armed with 'the Garmin' and the address of the funeral home. Shreveport is a 3 1/2 hour drive from here.

Clare is such a blessing to me. She always sees the bright and funny side of every situation. Even after being with her for 12 hours on Monday, I still had things I wanted to talk to her about. The day flew by.

We didn't know Zach's grandmother and she died suddenly so the family was stunned by her death. I am sorry I didn't know her. The stories we heard at the funeral made us laugh til we cried. One story was about a time Pat, the grandmother, had taken her two sons to visit her friend, who also had two children. As the adults visited on that fall day, they exhorted their children to stay out of the pond. Soon the mother's saw their children playing in the pond and they were covered with mud. Pat spoke first and said" Well , should we hose them off or just hold their heads under until they quit struggling " We all laughed!

Lots of family members shared about how Pat had helped them and encouraged them.

After we left the funeral we met Clare's parents at Don's Seafood for lunch. It was good food and still more laughing.

We made it back to Little Rock at 6pm.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some times growing up is hard on the Mamas

We are just home from moving John into his apartment for the fall semester of classes. I am worn out. Not from the moving but from letting him go....again.

We had a wonderful summer.
Our vacation was a blast.
John was here for me when my friend, Lynda, lost her 20 year old, to a stroke. I cried for two days and John was very gentle with me.
He was very helpful around the house, thanks in part to Marisa.
He was content to hand his paycheck over to me to help pay for his tuition this fall.
We shared lots of laughs.

When all my children are not home there is an emptiness even if we have a house full.

I know they need to leave so they can grow up and be what God has designed for them to be.

But it still hurts.

I realize that my friend, Lynda, will not have all her children with her until she gets to heaven and we plan -Lord willing to all be together for the AUBURN/ms state game.

but I am sad tonight but it is a good sad. I am thankful that we have such a good time together that I wish we all still at home.

Mamas, hug those babies. They grow up too fast. And Babies, let them.

Good Night John, Sleep Sweet

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am glad I am not called to be a swimmer

We are listening to some amazing sermons from Tim Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York at our College and Career Group. Here is the site if you want to check out the sermons plus lots of other stuff they have.

Last Tuesday we listened to the one on Absolutes from Galatians 2:4-16

The sermon point on Freedom really spoke to me. Several thoughts on it are: Freedom comes from truth, discipline gives more freedom, and freedom is the presence of the right restrictions in accord with the truth of who I am.

A fish has freedom in water. If we get the fish out of the captivity of the water- it dies.

That made me think of Michael Phelps. In the interviews I've seen with his mama, she said that she kept looking for some way to direct her son and all his energy and his ADHD ness. What freedom he has found in the water doing what he was made to do.

What freedom we have when we do what we are meant to do
Love Jesus
Serve Jesus
Know Jesus

It looks different on all of us and I am thankful that it does. How boring would it be if we all served or loved Jesus in the same way.

Who has your birth year?

On April 7, I turned 50. Today is Madonna's 50th birthday and there is a big article in the USA today about all those that will or have turned 50 this year.
Michael Jackson
Alec Baldwin
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Jamie Lee Curtis
Sharon Stone
Ellen deGeneres
Holly Hunter
Patricia Heaton
Andie Macdowell
Michelle Pfeiffer
Drew Carey
Kevin Bacon
Belinda Carlisle
Jeff Foxworthy
Andrea Bocelli
Tim Robbins
Alan Jackson
Viggo Mortensen

I was left off the list for some reason.

I am in some interesting company

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can you say PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marisa is painting her room PINK. John is helping her. They just lack the trim. It is a fun color. She starts to class on Monday and she wants to have it done by then.

bathroom phase lll

There is now plywood down in the bathroom.

Invention and his mother Necessity

John has been carving some things out of some wood he found in the garage. He wanted to carve out the center of a cup he was making. He needed to make it stationary so he could drill out the center. He looked around the garage and found the perfect solution. The Christmas tree stand!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It is GREAT to be an AUBURN tiger

From all my looking I have found that AUBURN has 27 athletes in the Olympics. I read on an AUBURN web site that if AUBURN were a country, they would be 7th in the medal count. Very Cool.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Update of sorts

Did you notice that the delegation from The Netherlands had on orange ties as they marched in last night??? Did you wow those around you with the knowledge of why???

Did you hear about the female beach volleyball player from Australia who gets a 200.00 hair cut every three weeks free from Bali because during the Olympics 4 years ago they thought her hair looked flat?????

If you have Directv the coverage is wonderful beginning on channel 750- 753

Kaitlin gets her updates from

I love the Olympics!

Phase III demo!

Bright and early at 7 this morning I was greeting Wade and Majel. They haven't been here in a several weeks because Majel has been and still is hurt. A pinched nerve at C5 that is causing pain in his arm. They began the demolition on the 3rd and last bathroom. Majel came down to get a drink of water and said he wanted to make sure we didn't have any more bathrooms. Nope we said but maybe you could add one for us!

He also said that they really enjoyed the Wednesday night meals and did they put this job off long enough to get back into the meals. We had to disappoint him on this point. The meals don't start back til September.

Here is a wall mount toliet. Tomorrow they plan to change it to one on the floor. Don't you love the blue?!? (gag)I took this picture so you could see how low the shower is. I want them to raise it so that everyone is comfortable in here not just drawfs and hobbits and kaitlins.

They worked until about noon.

When I got home from running some errands with Kaitlin this is what I saw in my front yard! I need to call Kaitlin's friends

Friday, August 8, 2008

08-08-08 Will you be watching?

It is hard for me to believe that it has been 12 years since we went to the Olympics in Atlanta. I do not like crowds at all, so when Carl first said that we should try to get tickets I said "Great, you take the children and I'll watch on TV" and I was serious. But when Carl got a ticket application and had everyone pick out what they wanted to see, I got caught up in the excitment and off we went. Carl, remember he is an engineer, had everyone pick out 3 events they wanted to see and then rank them in order of importance. The tickets were given out in a lottery fashion.

I remember that we got tickets for events that the boys picked out and none for the ones Kaitlin and I had picked out. Kaitlin and I were sad. Carl then went a different route and got three very pricey tickets for Kaitlin, Carl and I to see some women's gymnastics. We really didn't know what event we were to see but we were thrilled to being seeing women's gymnastics. WE saw the American's win the gold medal. WE saw Kerri Strug fall and hurt her ankle and then vault again. We saw the medal ceremony! Even as I write that I get teary eyed at how moving that was.

We saw baseball, soccer, volleyball, table tennis, marathon.

We learned that the colors for The Netherlands are red, white and blue but they are wear orange for William of Orange.

It was exciting.

I don't think Carl could convince me to go to China to see them but I'll be watching from the sofa and cheering. How about you?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First we stopped in Scott then in Keo

Road Trip!

Tuesday at 10:00 AM we met Brittany in a parking lot and she got in the van with Kaitlin, Marisa and me. We were on our way to Charlotte's Eats and Sweets in Keo, AR

If you have never been there and want to go, let me know because I'd love to take you.

KimT was close behind us in her car. She had an appointment that kept her from traveling with us. First we stopped in Scott. Some of Kaitlin's friends are in a landscape drawing class that is traveling around to different landscapes near LR. Here is Sandy ( did you know that if you click on the pictures they get REALLY BIG and you can see more details? I didn't know that)
and Cynde- in the purple

and Ross. I think all their pictures are amazing.

Then we made it to Charlotte's. This was Marisa and Brittany's first time here so we let them know that we come for the desserts. Charlotte and her husband make them all fresh daily. Here was some of ours. German Chocolate, Carrot and Almond Bark. I got Peanut Butter cake and KimT got Caramel pie.

The space between Egg Custard and Cheesecake are pies that were made and have already sold out. We were there at 11:15 AM The desserts go fast.

We did get real food too. Marisa got the Keo Classic- not her favorite and she plans to try the grilled pimento cheese next time.

Kaitlin and Brit got the hamburger.

I got the fruit plate with a scope of chicken salad plus two cheddar biscuts. KimT got a green salad.

After lunch we went to this beautiful church near Scott. It reminds KimT and me of what we think the church in the Mitford books would look like.We all came home full of wonderful food and lots of laughing.

A Memory from Childhood

I love Chiclets, no, I mean I LOVE them. I always look for them when we travel . On our last trip I couldn't find them anywhere. Sweet Kaitlin came home on Monday from shopping at Michael's with her eyes twinkling. "Mama", she said, "I have a gift for you." This is what I pulled out of the bag she handed me. Wow! I am still thrilled. I have them hidden near my desk. I could tell you where they are but then, you know, I'd have to kill you.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Not just for the 4th of July

I know you were wondering since you saw the glow stick pictures what would happen if you did the same thing with sparklers....well here is your answer.
These are the best and most fun ones. There are several that have the letters wrong because you have to do the mirror of your letter for it to turn out. It is funny when two letters are correct and two are wrong. We really laughed ourselves silly when we saw that one.
As soon as Kaitlin posted these on her facebook two of her friends asked who does these pictures with her. My mama and papa and brother and Marisa and this time my friend Cooper was her reply. They both said they wished they had families that would do that for them. I can see we will have a glowstick/ sparkler with friends pictures soon! If you want to be a part, just let me know and if you have kids and they ask you to do glowstick picturetype things and you can, do them. It is lots of fun.
Hat tip to Faith who bought these for us. Thanks!

For Andrew and Taylor

Take a BEAUTIFUL, sweet and caring bride
Add a fun, handsome and crazy groom

and great friends

A million pictures

more friends and family

even more family

and you get a wonderful wedding day! Happy Anniversay Andrew and Taylor and may you have many more.


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