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Friday, October 7, 2016

29, 91 and 58

1- Today is my mother's birthday
2- If she were living there would be 91 candles on her cake
3- I miss her everyday
4- She died 20 years ago in March
5- That seems unreal
6- She loved her children and her grands well
7-She would love her great grands too.
8-She loved to write letters
9- She wrote me a letter every week unless we were together from the time I left for college until she died.
10- I plan to celebrate her today by writing a few letters
11-She loved to read
12- After I write a few letters I plan to read a little
13- I inherited many of her books
14- It is an eclectic collection
15- My mother was very well read
16- She loved to take pictures
17- How fun that she has a granddaughter that is a professional photographer
18- My mother laughed lots
19- By the time she was 50 she had buried two sons and her husband
20- She always said that when life give you lemons you just make lemonade
21- The longer I live the more I appreciate her strength
22- When I am in a hard, stressful, situation I try to picture what would my mother or Lara Croft do
23- I look more like my mother than Lara Croft
24- Google Lara Croft if you don't believe me
25-My mother loved Gilbert and Sullivan
26- Sir Arthur Sullivan wrote the music to Onward Christian Soldiers
27- Today is my 1/2 birthday
28- 29 is 1/2 of 58 (I'm 58)
29- I've decided that 29 is the new 58 1/2.
My 1/2 birthday presents

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Food Fenway and Fun Part II

We had beautiful weather for our trip which was so nice because ...
I am a nervous flyer and my friend here fastens his seat belt and then does this!  He does hold my hand when I need him too.
In Atlanta Carl let Andrew have his seat and he sat a few seats behind us.  Andrew and I looked out the window- we saw NYC, we listened to my music and we visited.
Our first restaurant-
We got three different plates and shared the food.  The brisket was my favorite.
This is inside our motel.  It looked magical.                                                                                          

We ate Cannoli and Lobster Tail and Boston Cream Pie cupcakes- YUM
This restaurant is called Bogie's.  It is reservation only!  Ours was for 9:00 pm. There is room for about 12 folks in the place at one time.  It is in the back of another restaurant and they serve steak and sides.  It was one of the best steaks I've even eaten.  Andrew is not put off by what I consider shady places and this one looked shady to me and I was out of my comfort zone but the food was amazing. That was the end of our first day and I slept well that night!  Saturday we went to the Museum of Fine Art.  Pictures tomorrow !

Monday, October 3, 2016

Food, Fenway, Fun - Part I

A few weeks ago Andrew asked if Carl and I could join him on a trip to Boston.  He wanted to eat fun food, go see David Ortiz play a few more times for the Boston Red Sox and tour a few land marks.

Andrew used the website thrillist Boston to get the names of restaurants plus the dishes we needed to eat at the restaurants.  I love to eat at chain restaurants.  Give me a Cracker Barrel any day so to go on this eating spree was outside of my box but for the love of a child a mother will do lots!

To all the mother's of picky eaters- THERE IS HOPE!  Andrew lived on hamburgers til he was 18.  This was in spite of me offering and making him take a bite of everything Carl and I were eating when he was young.  He promptly threw it up!  I finally resolved that he was who he was.  And now to see him trying all these new foods and eating and enjoying them!!!!!

I am the type that likes to get to the airport about an hour before every flight.  Carl and Andrew like to slide onto the plane.  I'm learning to just breath deeply and go with the flow.  What good does worry do me is what I was telling myself as Andrew got on the plane with a few minutes to spare.

Below and above are a few of the things we ate.  YUM YUM.   I'll post tomorrow a few of our other adventures in Boston.



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