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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Funroecation 16/17

We just returned from a great trip with lots of family!

Here are some random thoughts from our trip to Orlando

If you go to Disney and or Universal please make a plan.  It broke my heart to see frazzled parents and children at 1230 every single day trying to decide what they wanted to eat and by then the places were all so packed.

Pack snacks.  Alicia and Marisa and Kaitlin did this so well.  Your children and you will be hungry so throw in some cereal and peanut butter crackers etc.  William and Alicia had big carabiners on their stroller to hang snack cups on plus other necessities.

If you can read the newspaper through your stretch pants, don't wear them to Disney.  I was in a wheelchair and I saw lots of folks and I am so sorry I can't unsee some of those things.

There is a dragon on top of Gingotts in Harry Potter World and when he goes off and roars and the fire comes out, you will jump.  I jumped so high I scared the folks standing near me.

The child swap at Universal is usually a room to wait in which is nice.  At Disney it is a fast pass given which is a different kind of nice.

We were there the same weekend as the Disney marathon.  There is a 5K, 10K, a half and whole marathon.  The folks that wore their medals after the 5 and 10K cracked me up.  I got the feeling from them that they felt like they had beaten Usain Bolt at the Olympics.  Seriously.

Mr W loved watching the monorail.  We had no need to ride it.  Fairest had us ride it from EPCOT to MK one night so he could ride it. Heaven.  He was in heaven.

We rode the bus back to our motel one night with a group of runners from New Hampshire.  When the canned bus music played Sweet Caroline and they all sang with gusto, Carl and I joined in with them.  Thanks to Andrew we knew how the Bosox fans sing it!

We have lots more pictures!  Just ask if you want to see them.

Below is our Florida trip crew.  Several folks wondered how John could be in two places in one picture- John in the front and William is in the back.  William is John's cousin and they are often mistaken for each other.  They decided that for our next trip they will dress more alike to really mess with your mind!

Our first stop was to Atlanta to see Mr Precious and his parents.  Fairest enjoyed all the time she had playing with him.  The boy loves his vehicles!  We had a great time.  Lots of laughing and visiting and reading to Mr P.
My brothers came over with their wives and we celebrated Christmas.
We met up William and Alicia and ARose and Pandi and John and Marisa and Mr Wonderful and Miss Adorable at Universal.  We all loved the Butter Beer.
Some folks loved embracing their Slytheriness!  We bought wands and owls but no house robes.  Some of those folks take things real serious.
The Hogwarts ride was amazing.  You are sitting on a bench and Hermione casts a spell on it and you go for a ride.  Going through Dumbledore's office was too cool.  I closed my eyes lots so ask Kaitlin about the spiders and the dementors.
You get a marauders map with your wand purchase.  Here is Miss A checking it out.
We rode lots of roller coasters a Universal and ate lots of fun food then we headed to Animal Kingdom.  I took this pic as we were on the Safari ride and yes those guys are running right at us.  Our guide stopped our vehicle and they decided to go on the curved path----whew!  We all loved this ride.
My friend, Kathy Sawyer, made all the amazing Disney dresses for all the little girls and next time she may be making us all princess dresses.  If you need some sewing done contact me and I'll give you her info!
Anna and Elsa were due on the same day born two weeks apart two and 1/2 years ago.  It is fun to see their  cousin friendship grow.
The sheer joy that Mr W is feeling was so catching that I cried.  He loves Goofy and couldn't wait to have his picture made and to talk to him!
Our Fairest of them all got to meet another Fairest of them all.  Miss A loved her magic band which is your Disney room key, ticket into the parks and your fast pass.  In the picture below she is showing it to Snow White.  She showed it to everyone!
This was taken on our last day and it was very chilly and rainy.  Please notice my fashion statement of the socks and sandals.  My feet were so cold.  It was in the high 60's to start the day and after the rain it dropped to the 40's.  Marisa is holding Pandi in the carrier to keep them both warm.  That is the Beast's castle behind us.
French fries and hot dogs- yum!

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