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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Manhattan, KS is called The Little Apple

A few months ago Andrew suggested that we plan a trip to see AUBURN play Kansas State in Manhattan, KS.  If you know me you know that I clean during most of AUBURN games because I am a nervous fan.  For the love of a child, we mothers do a lot that is outside of our comfort zones and this was one of those for me! Carl, Kaitlin and I left LR on Wednesday.  Our first stop was here!
My friend, HeatherT recommended this to us a few years ago and we have enjoyed it every time we stopped.  We got there just before noon and sat right down but when we left the line was out the door.  The sandwiches are yummy but The dessert is AMAZING.  Get one for yourself.  Don't share.  My mouth is watering as I write this!!!  It is pound cake with cheese, blue berries, honey and powdered sugar.....

We picked up Andrew and Taylor in Kansas City.  They flew in from Atlanta.  After Andrew ran that morning around the campus we met here for breakfast. He knew the lay of the land after his run and was our event coordinator for the rest of the day.  We saw lots of AUBURN folks because the AUBURN orange and blue stood out against the Kansas State purple. 10,000 AUBURN fans came to the game.
Below is Johnny Kaw.  He is part of the folklore in Kansas.  He gave Paul Bunyun his blue ox, Babe.
The Kansas State campus is made out of Kansas limestone.  It was really pretty.
The area we were in in Kansas is called the Flint Hills because of the outcroppings of Flint.  We enjoyed the Flint Hills Discovery area to learn more about Kansas History.
We waited about 45 minutes for our lunch here in Manhattan.  We saw lots of AUBURN fans.  I loved saying War Eagle to them.  Andrew told me later that he enjoyed my outgoingness and that I said that to everyone we met.  We were always met with a hearty War Eagle in return.
As we were standing outside, Andrew spoke to this man and said "Rod, could my mother have her picture made with you?" He said "Sure!"  As soon as the picture was over, I said to Andrew "Who did I just have my picture made with?"  It was Rod Bramblett the voice of the AUBURN TIGERS.  Since we watch Auburn on the TV, I don't listen to him but I do remember him from the Iron Bowl when they played his call of the last play!
We made it to Tiger Walk!  It was so exciting to be so close.  Andrew and Kaitlin were up in the crowd!
Kansas State stadium.  Interesting facts we learned- no shakers in the stadium, they took Kaitlin's but not ours.  You can have your ticket scanned and go in and out of the stadium, AUBURN has lots more clothing options, different variety of tee shorts and collared shirts.  We asked our friend, Kyle, who is in the tee shirt printing business, and he confirmed that we only saw a few different KState tee shirts but we almost didn't see two alike of AUBURN tee shirts on AUBURN fans.   One of the biggest if not the biggest crowd to see a game here.  50,000.  90% of the KState fans were wonderful.  They would stop us on the street and welcome us to Manhattan, suggest menu items that are good, offered to take our picture, many thanked me for coming to the game and we were all blown away.  I plan to go out of my way the next time we go to a game and thank the other team's fans for being there.
These were our seats.  Notice ALL that purple and the little bit of ORANGE.
I am not going to lie, I had my head down for most of the game because I was so nervous.  I couldn't really leave and wander around because my family wanted me with them- Maybe they thought I might go pour my beer on someone.  I didn't have a beer, can't stand the smell of it- in case you were worried!!  I was pleased with the outcome that I heard from the safety of my car.  We left near the end of the third quarter so I could walk as slow as needed.   Soon I'll share about the rest of our trip!

Monday, September 22, 2014

My favorite GK Chesterton quote

This is my favorite quote by GK Chesterton

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Be Encouraged!

Living in this world tends to make us feel thin. We feel, with Bilbo Baggins, “like butter scraped over too much bread.” Another beheading, another disease epidemic, another leader’s adultery exposed, another day struggling within and without against unrelenting evil. We feel world-weary.

The above is the first paragraph of an article that was a great encouragement to me.  I hope it does the same for you!

Read and be encouraged

Thursday, September 4, 2014

December 26 Part II even more pictures!

More pictures!!!!

Here is a picture of heaven- that velvety skin, those cheeks and the sweet little sleeping noises.
If you need to get an active child a fun toy get a water table.  I ordered this one from  Well worth the money.  He loves it!!!
Mr Wonderful realized he was the only fellow here without a mustache so Marisa gave him one with her eye brow pencil.  Look hard but there is one there.  I asked him if I could take this picture and he said yes and posed for me.
She is so sweet it is hard to put that sleeping baby down.
a fun photo shoot!
Mr W had to change from his tennis shoes to his sandals so he could play on the water table.  He wanted Gpapa to put his new shoes on him.
This was an early morning when we gave his parents the chance to sleep past 6!
Miss Adorable!  I am done.  Til there next visit.  Maybe!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Feels Like December 26

Marisa and Mr Wonderful and Miss Adorable were able to stay two weeks with us while John did some traveling. They left this morning and my house is so empty and I can feel the sadness of the idle toys and books.

Kaitlin was able to take a week off work and Marisa is so easy so I felt like I had a two week staycation with some of my favorite folks.
We got to see more of Miss Adorable's personality- she is very social. She can be on a blanket for quite awhile as long as she has a book or a friendly face. We got to laugh at all the funny things that Mr W says and does.

Below are a few pictures from our two weeks.  I am warming you there may be more soon!


We got to Skype with Penny's twin cousin, Adeline, who lives in Birmingham.

I am blest.  I pray for all those grandmothers who don't get to see their wonderful grands.


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