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Saturday, November 28, 2009

And they are off!

Here is what Marisa looked like in June of 2008 with her friend Abby.
Here is Dr Phelan right after he put her braces on.
Here they are a few weeks ago. It is really nice to have a professional photography that travels with you. Here is the picture I took as she was leaving for class and then to see Dr Phelan. Dr Bob was visiting Dr Phelan. Dr Bob, with great pride, told everyone that Marisa got engaged at his house. That really made Marisa's day.
Here she is post braces. Dr Phelan told her she would have to wear her braces for two years but she got them off in 18 months. One of the reasons she got them off early is she takes incredible care of her teeth and Dr Phelan knew she would wear her retainers.Marisa never lost her beautiful smile with or without braces.

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Kathy B said...

big congrats to Marisa! I definitely remember the day my braces came off and it is a BIG DEAL. So happy for her. :)


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