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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Arkansas Civil War 150/ Gaze and Graze II

 Andrew and I left Charlotte's and we did several stops on the Little Rock Campaign Tour.  There is a wonderful brochure that we picked up in Scott with directions to markers and info on what happened at the sites.  Andrew and I did not go in order that battles and events happened.  The Little Rock Campaign happened in 1863.  Union Major General Frederick Steele proceeded from Vicksburg to Arkansas.  The Little Rock citizens found themselves in the conflict.  We ran into Frederick Steele and Confederate Major General Sterling Price and General Marmaduke as they fought all over the state.

 The first shots of the Civil War could have been fired here in LR because we had an arsenal here.  In February of 1861 Federal troops were headed to the arsenal and the governor wrote to the Captain requesting the surrender of the arsenal.  The Captain abandoned Little Rock.  The MacArthur Museum is located where the arsenal was.  

General MacArthur was born in a hospital that is in the location of the MacArthur Museum.  Lots of info about his life are on display there.  There is a very cool exhibit on The Medal of Honor recipients.  General Douglas MacArthur and his father, Arthur MacArthur, are the only father and son recipients.

Douglass MacArthur is know for his corncob pipe and sunglasses.

 A window done in memory of David O. Dodd.  He was hung at age 17 for being a spy for the Confederates.  He is buried in Little Rock.

I have reading glasses.  I usually just need them to read close up.  So in most museums I don't need them or so I thought.  I was reading the sign on the right or I thought I was and it wasn't making any sense to me.  Andrew came over and asked why I was reading a sign that was in Spanish!!!  I was so stunned and then relieved that my eyes were as bad as I thought! 

Our second picture and the second place we got our passports stamped.
 There is a very moving monument to the Korean conflict.
After we finished up at MacArthur Museum, we met up with Carl and Kaitlin.  We drove to Conway together.  We ate supper at Mike's in Conway.  It is said to have the best Cajun food in Arkansas.  I think my family would agree.  The food was outstanding.  We will make the drive again to eat here.
We ended the evening at Robert's football game in Mayflower.  It was a rainy evening but the sunset was beautiful.  I wish I could tell you that Robert's team won but they did not.

Kaitlin got some good pictures of Robert but I have not had time to download them.  Look for them soon.  We stayed at our house that night.

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