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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dare to be a Daniel

Andrew recommended a book for me a few years ago called Second Choice World by Viv Thomas. Andrew read it and wanted me to so we could discuss it. The book begins talking about Daniel from the Bible. He was kipnapped from home by the king Nebuchadnezzar and brought to Babylon along with three of his friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Vs 17 of Chapter 1 says God gave these four youths great ability to learn and they soon mastered all the literature and science of the time and God gave to Daniel special ability to understand the meaning of dreams and visions. Later in the chapter it says that after a 3 year training period they were brought before the king for oral exams along with the rest of the bunch. No one impressed the king like these three. They were put on his regular staff. These four teenagers had to learn the language and the culture and learned it well enough that they were put on Nebby's staff. WOW! They embraced the place they were put without compromising their Christianity. They embraced Their Second Choice World and what an impact they had on it.

As I read this book it was interesting to ponder second choice events that have happened in my life. One of my mama's favorite saying was ' Bloom where you are planted'

The situation with my back has brought this book back to my mind. The doctor and pt have told me that I need to not bend over for the rest of my life. Wow. The stenosis in my spine makes it impossible for me to stand for longer than 10 minutes at a time. This would not be my first choice. Not that I ever really wanted to go run but I sure do now. Just to know I could would be lovely. I wonder how long it took Daniel to adjust. Did he and his friends speak Hebrew to each other? Did they talk about their homes and how it used to be? Did they yearn to go back? What about their mamas?

God has provided so many things for me to do as I sit. I can read, blog, scrapbook, visit etc. I am encouraged by Daniel and his friends. I am fired up to learn the language and culture for this situation that I am in.

Where are you in a Second Choice situation?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Go Bosox

Carl and Andrew are winging their way to Denver, even as I write this. Their destination is Coors Field and game 4 of the World Series. This will be Andrew's 4th time to see the Boston Red Sox this year. Carl left wearing his 'Big Papi' shirt. Andrew has on his 'Green Monster' shirt. I have no idea where their seats are, I just know they have seats and Andrew is so excited he can hardly stand it. They each have a camera so this should be a well documented trip. The game start time is at 7:29 CST. I'll be watching!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An unwanted guest, a champion and new windows

In my den I have 6 large windows. They provide a beautiful view for my family. One window is all frosted up because the seal is broken but it is just one window and I have 5 others to look out. I have noticed that some of the windows have a gap at the top. No big deal, it is just a slight gap and I just feel a slight breeze.

On Friday, Kaitlin and I were home and she noticed that one window had shifted such that we could see very clearly it was open to the outside. No problem, we can just stuff some paper in the gap. We got paper and Kaitlin was going to stuff it in the gap and as she was stuffing.....the paper moved. A Lizard family had seen what a good time we had on the inside and they wanted to join us. I am surprised that with all the screaming we did the Lizards didn't die from heart attacks. After we calmed down just a bit we realized that only one lizard was in the house. That was one too many for us. What do we do now? Neither one of us is going near it. Call Papa. Our Champion! I would love to say he raced home but I know Carl all too well. He very carefully packed up his computer and things, told the folks in the office that his girls at home had found a beast in the house and he must ride off to save us. We only called him once to find out what was taking him so long. He just laughed and told us where he was on his journey. He found the unwanted guest on another window, caught it and sent it on it's way outside and calmly stuffed paper in the gap.

We have had two estimates on new den windows and the third should be here at 9 this morning. They have all walked in and see the frosted window and said " Wow, you have a problem with not seeing the outside. " "No ", I say, " I have a problem with seeing too well the outside"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

piano and people watching

I went last night to UALR with Kaitlin to hear Davide Cabassi on piano. He is a 2005 Cliburn Competition finalist. He played Debussy

Soiree dans Grenade
Jardins sous la pluie

also Brahms

Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel, Op. 24

After intermission he played Pictures at an Exhibition .

I had a grand time. The music was beautiful. The pianist was VERY expressive. His hair was longish and unkept. At times it was covering his face when he was bent down so close to the keys and then with great enthusiasm he would sling it back. He looked to be in pain as he played certain sections and then he was quickly smiling such a smile like he was not with us.

The auditorium we were in was wonderful and intimate. About 7 rows with 20 seats in each row. We were on the left side on row 6. We heard a women comment that she like to sit on the left side so she could see his hands as he played.

Because the setting was so intimate we became keen observers of those around us. The audience was about half college students and half senior citizens. Myself and one other lady represented the middle agers there. Kaitlin recognized several music teachers from UALR there. The art and music students share the same building. There were several senior citizen couples and then a large group of senior citizen men. I was surprised at how many. One man must have been a teacher because his hands played along with the pianist the entire time. It was impressive and beautiful to watch. One lady fell asleep and SNORED. Kaitlin had to stifle the giggles. Her husband soon woke her up.

And then there were the homeschoolers. Did we stand out like that? I saw them and said nothing until Kaitlin asked if I had seen the homeschoolers. Is it the hair or the clothes or the actions? I am not sure. Do people now see me and say " Oh, she must of homeschooled , look at those shoes" Let me know if they do!

What's the temperature in your wigwam?

When I was growing up and it was a rainy, chilly day , my mama would say " Aren't we glad we live in a warm wigwam ?"

I got up this morning and I put on the same type of clothes I had on yesterday, pants, short sleeve tee shirt and my sandels. The temperature has dropped since 6 am. I now have added a jacket, socks and shoes. I am about ready to put on another jacket. It has gotten chilly in my wigwam.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Something to think about

Bumper Sticker seen at Sonic Caution: Unsocialized Home Schooler on Board

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One of them

I go to Physical Therapy three times a week for my back. I see lots of the same folks when I go. We have built up a camaraderie. My PT loves sports. He asked us last week to give him our score prediction for the AUBURN- ar game. I said 31-28 ar. When I went in on Monday, my friends were all in the depths of despair and as they asked me if I was as sad as they were I had to confess that I am an AUBURN fan. They were shocked. One lady said that she thought I was one of them.

I have been an AUBURN fan as long as I can remember. Kaitlin wears some AUBURN tee shirts that I had when I was younger. I used to think that it was a winning season if AUBURN beat alabama now I've added arkansas to the list. AUBURN is halfway to a winning season for me.

Love Jesus and Pay Taxes

When we are in the trenches with our children it is easy to lose site of what our destination is. I made my self a list of where I wanted my children to be at 25. I now have one 25!? It helps to refer back to the list on bad days or slow days or days that didn't turn out the way I wanted. Number 1- Love Jesus Number 2- Pay Taxes (aka being on their own) Number 3- Be friends with their siblings Number 4- Give back to the community

In the Home school and Private School community we have a tendency to key in on the ACT or SAT, where did they finish in the Latin test, are they in the Honors College... Will it really matter when they are 25? What did you make on the ACT? Do folks still ask that of you now?

Your list may look different than mine but make a list. It will help you on the days you are wondering what you are doing.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Andrew and Taylor are on their way to Little Rock. I am so excited. Andrew is a party. Some of his friends are also on their way here from different parts of MS. One goal is to go to the AUBURN-ar football game on Saturday night , another is to be together and visit and laugh. I plan to have lasagna for supper as that is Andrew's favorite meal.

I will not be going to the game. I will gladly stay home with Taylor and Jennifer. Carl and Andrew would like me to go to the game but are afraid I will go Ron Artest on someone ( Ron Artest is a professional basketball player who, when booed went into the stands and poured a beer on a fan) I just might do that. I don't like fans who can cheer for their team but when I cheer for mine they come unglued and start putting my team down.

I love SEC football. Since we have not always lived in SEC territory I do appreciate that I have so much coverage of the sports of my team. The downside is I am so outnumbered. When AUBURN loses lots of folks feel it is their duty to call or stop me and tell me my team lost. Do they think I don't already know!? I try to take the high road and not rub it in when my team beats theirs.

A college friend of our stayed the night last night on his way to the AUBURN game. He lives in Georgia. He tells the ga fans when they beat AUBURN that is is just a preseason game. The season is the really just the AUBURN- al game. I think I may start doing that.

Kaitlin is very excited about going to the game. She is cleaning house now with an AUBURN hair shaker in her hair , humming the fight song. What a well bred young lady! Carl has on his AUBURN Hawaiian shirt at work. It is' show your team spirit Friday'.

I am reminding myself , It is just a game. I am sure glad Carl is not a football coach.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sweet Tea

I love helping in the kitchen on Wednesdays at church. It is like a ballet as we work because we have our own moves that when all done in the right sequence produce a dance called supper. Some days the dance is pretty simple and routine and others it is a comedy and we are amazed it all falls into place.

With the injury to my spine my dancing has become limited. I must rest, observe and cheer on from a nearby stool. My fellow dancers have very graciously picked up what I now cannot do and others quickly come to help when needed.

One dance move that I have mastered is making sweet tea. I don't know who taught my mama how to make it, maybe her mama but mama taught me. I love sweet tea. I drink it all year. I have told my recipe to the kitchen crew several times but when they make the tea, people seem to know and don't drink as much. They have watched me make it, they have even called me when I was on vacation to make sure how to make it and still folks ask if I've made it before they get any to know if they will drink it or not. Now they won't go even think of making it if I am present.

I just laugh and enjoy this dance I can do.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


When I was at AUBURN my brother , Charles, wrote me a letter on this date. He said that it was the National C B Holiday. I have celebrated it every since.

Have a good day Good Buddy


I love October. I love the color orange and this month with the pumkins and fall leaves ( up north for now) I see lots of it.

October is the month of my precious mama's birthday. Since my mama died I celebrate her birthday by buying me something. This makes complete sense to me but not to Carl. It makes me not dread the day so much. Her birthday is easier as the years go by. This year her birhtday is on a Sunday and a busy one at that. Last night at church my dear friend, Renee, who I tried to take out on her birthday but it didn't happen, said, " Ellen, Let's go out Monday for lunch and celebrate Addie Lou" Even as I type this I am warmed inside. What a precious thought. I think this may be a start to a new tradition. Thanks Renee.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


To say that Carl is calm is an understatement. I have taken it on as a personal goal to bring spice into his life. I am also trying to see how many times I can make him scream. So far in 28 years that has been once. On Saturday night we were in a motel room in Arab, Alabama. I could not stay awake any longer. AUBURN was going to have to win or lose without me. Kaitlin went to sleep too. She and I were awakened at the same time and saw Carl dancing around the room. Dancing. What happend I asked. AUBURN WON he said as he danced. Kaitlin and I were stunned. Some because AUBURN won but mostly because we saw Carl dancing.

He is in denial about it now. He must keep up the facade. But we know what we saw.

I love vacations!!!!

I have always loved vacations. I love to drive down the road or better yet ride while someone else is driving. I love to stay in motels. I can remember when I was a little girl and we would go on a vacation, my daddy would stop for the day in the early afternoon. He told me later he liked giving us time to go swimming in the pool. What a treat that was.

I also love that our whole family is in one room. Well, I loved it more when the children were smaller. When Andrew and John bigged up and they would share a bed ,they would argue in their sleep. It drove me crazy. I was the only one who heard it too. Supposedly, they were not even aware they were doing it. The last trip we took we got two rooms. Kaitlin stayed with us and we got a room for the boys. They each had their own bed. When we travel with my brother, John and his wife Elaine, they always let Kaitlin sleep in their room. That way we can get one room plus a rollaway bed. Who knows what we will do with our next vacation now that we have a new daughter!

A vacation to me is staying in a motel. Carl, who travels a great deal, has a different definition. When the children were small and became aware of what Papa did , I had to correct them as they would ask him as he was leaving "Where are you going on vacation this time Papa?"


I finished The scrapbook. It has 114 pages. I could add more but it is complete.


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