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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saying Hello and Goodbye

September 8 was a big party day here at the Funroes!  Kaitlin, Bri and Jill fixed lots of yummy food and we ate and ate and ate and watched football.  Robert brought Rachel home for us to visit with too.  I was still in my post surgery la la land so I just have a few pictures, I am amazed that I have any!!  

Jill fixed chocolate chip cookies and she used avocado in place of the butter.  They were great. I kept telling folks that she used guacamole!!!  Jill would just smile and say "She means avocado." Oh, well. 

This is Mississippi sin dip- not sure what's in it but it was yummy!

Here is a pictures of the cookies

Kaitlin did lots of cooking

Carl did some work while he helped cook too.

Sweet Jill was a great addition to our family.  I will claim her as a daughter any time!!  She moved in with another family a week ago.  They are in for a wonderful blessing.  We plan to meet once a week for supper and a good visit.  She has a craft day planned over here too.  We miss her very much.

We helped her with few loads and to get settled into her new home.

We wonder who God will move into our house next?!?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Red Neck Wave Pool

One year on our family beach trip, we stayed at a condo with a pool.  We had a good time in the pool.  One trick that we all enjoyed was when Carl and his brothers would jump into the pool at the same time.  Here is Carl and Uncle Ted and Uncle Larry.  Kaitlin decided to jump in with them.  Poor Meredith is in her floaty.  John is watching from the left side.
I don't know who got this great action shot!

The results were very impressive!

Grandmother stayed out at the pool one day after we all went in.  She said that a group of teenage boys tried to emulate the wave action generated by Carl and his brothers.  They agreed that they were no match to our family. Who knew we had such talent?!?

Friday, September 14, 2012

My support group

My surgery was unsuccessful. There is a 95% success rate and I am in that lucky 5%.  I went to the doctor this week for my post op visit and found out.  I was very disappointed so say the least.  I came home to Jill and Kaitlin.  They were wonderful.  They found every positive thing to say about my situation.  God, in His sovereignty, had had us already plan a supper out that night with wonderful friends.  The weather was beautiful enough that we were able to eat outside. The fellowship was encouraging.  It was fabulous.

I sent a text to family and friends.  What a blessing technology is.  I had the comfort from near and far in minutes.

My friend, Julie, bought me a this happy.  Isn't it fun?!?  I love fall things and Julie knows it.  She knows I love AUBURN and look at my grow tiger!  I think my candy corn will look wonderful in my new leaf dish.  I am loving The Farmer's Almanac and am planning to make cupcakes with my new papers.  My gel gems are up in windows and on mirrors.

I am a very blest girl!!

I will go back to the doctor in 6 months and we will discuss a new plan of action.  
Jude verse 25- to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day, Laughing and Great Fellowship!

We had a great time over Labor Day in Birmingham.  Saturday I spent with my brother, John and his wife, Elaine.  Kaitlin, Jennifer and Taylor took Jennifer's three daughters to the McWane Center that is downtown while all the rest of our boys were at the AUBURN game in Atlanta.  Lots of laughing, visiting, and more laughing.  Saturday evening my nephew, Charlie, and his wife, Sarah, and their children came for a visit.

My brother, Charles, and his wife, Frances, also came over for supper.

Charles and I had a good conversation about friends and folks we enjoyed being with.  Charles pointed out on Monday at The Color Run, in the pouring rain, no one in our group was mad.  We just laughed and had a good time no matter what.  What a blessing that is!

In fact, we laughed and had a good time all weekend long!!

Elliana needed to get in the photo of the guys getting ready to go to the game!

Katherine meeting Katherine.  We got to meet Jennifer's newest daughter who is 5 months old.

At the McWane Center.  The two K's.

Taylor and Emma

Elli and Diego

Sarah is taking a picture of Violet and me.  Her picture is further down.

Elli telling Andrew all her problems

These next three pictures are my favorites!!!

Carl and Elliana and their happy faces.

Carl and Elliana and their silly faces
Violet loves sunglasses and needed me to wear a pair with her.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do you have greener grass syndrom?

My motto for September is September is for Sitting.  Remember the phrase Greener Grass

I had some surgery a little over a week ago.  It was a little unexpected.  The doctor found a few spots and there needed to be a biopsy and some surgery done to keep that from happening again.  It was day surgery.  I went fasting- my third hatest thing to happen when you have surgery.  My second is the IV.  It always hurts- this time I have a wicked bruise but the stick was great and it was a non-event.  My most hatest thing is the time on the gurney from pre-op til you are knocked out in the operating room.  This time my nurse, Monica, gave me Versed!!!  I was out like a light!!  I don't remember anything!!  I came home after 5 hours, slept in my bed that night. All in all for surgery it was great.

I can't lift anything over 10 pounds.  My doctor told me not to even lift my purse.  I am to rest for two weeks and it may be four.  Sounds great doesn't it.  Greener Grass.  I can think of so many things to do, it is not even funny.  Yes, I am making a list but I'd love to be doing some of them now, but no, I am resting.  Doesn't it sound like a dream to be told you must rest for two weeks.  It isn't.

Someday I'll be complaining that I wish I could rest!

Last week I was still cloudy from the anesthesia and pain meds.  This week is better.  About midnight on the day after surgery I sat up in bed and asked Carl to google the surgery I had just had!  He calmly told me that we would google it as soon as it was morning.  That's all I needed.  I went back to sleep.  Poor Carl he never knows what I'll do!

I ordered books from in my post surgery fog.  We are still trying to figure out why I ordered what I did???

I lost my shoes one day only to find them on Kaitlin's feet because I offered them to her????

I don't like that foggy feeling.

Today I just feel tired.  I am ready to not feel tired.

So I am sitting and resting.

The TV show Matlock has been good.  I tried to read a book Andrew recommended about Double Spies during WWII but I am just here to say when you have a foggy brain and you try to read about spies, it messes with your mind.  I'll try that book later.

Enjoy you doing today.  I'll be back doing soon.  Today I am being and resting and not thinking about that green grass.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Color Run 2012 in Birmingham

Robert, Kaitlin, Carl and I got in the van on Friday and drove to Memphis and rested for about 6 hours and then we were up again to get to Birmingham in time for Robert and Carl to get Andrew and RobertB in the van.  They were headed to the AUBURN game in Atlanta on Saturday night.

But the real reason we went to Birmingham was to go to The Color Run on Labor Day!

A small rabbit trail if I may.....  when Andrew was a student at AUBURN he was playing a computer game online with other folks he didn't know.  He befriended this stranger, X.  Andrew and X played the game and Andrew asked X what he did.  X said that he was a college student.  Andrew asked where?  X said that he was a student at AUBURN.  Andrew asked where X lived.  X said that he lived in Little Hall.  Andrew is jumping up and down at this time because he lives in Little Hall.  Andrew goes and introduces himself to X and finds out his name is RobertB.  Andrew then asks where RobertB is from.  RobertB says a small town in northern Alabama that you've never heard of, Arab.  Andrew says, that that is where my dad is from and I've spent every holiday there with all his family.  That was the beginning of the friendship.  RobertB has been to our home many times and then after he got married, he and Jennifer have been here.  Kaitlin was even a photographer at their wedding.  RobertB and Jennifer are like my children.  Andrew is the linchpin that got this group together in the first place. I love the way God brings people together and connects them.

The Color Run group runners/walkers were Andrew, Taylor, Carl, Kaitlin, RobertD, nephew-Charlie and his wife, Sarah and two children, Ezra and Violet, niece- Meredith, my brother, Charles and his wife, Frances, RobertB and Jennifer and their daughter, Emma.  The observers were my brother, John and his wife, Elaine, Carl's sister, Marian, RobertB and Jennifer's two other daughters, Elliana and Katherine and me.

We needed unifying apparel- so capes were made! Out of bed sheets and rope and iron-on transfers.      

The making of the capes.  Sarah, Meredith, Jennifer, Elliana and Kaitlin

ironing on the design

I believe Andrew came up with the name.  Meredith and Kaitlin did the design.

RobertB modeling the cape.  Wind by Kaitlin!

 A before shot of some of our group

First thing I saw at the motor speedway- I was a little creeped out!

notice the rain drops on the window

Kaitlin is ready!  Notice Taylor and her raincoat

RobertD and Kaitlin have on their game faces.  Andrew and Taylor didn't have theirs on yet

My nephew, Charlie and his wife, Sarah.  Notice that we are under a  covering. It is raining like crazy now.  They are waiting as different waves are going in the rain.  I was tucked in a camping chair so I was dry and warm.

RobertD- ready

Andrew, Kaitlin, Taylor and Meredith.  Oh how clean they look!

Ezra had something very important to tell great uncle Carl.

We were feeling a little gangta 

Ezra wanted to show me his handkerchief too

They are off, in the rain

I think this is my favorite picture of the day!  Carl is waving and notice on the left that RobertD is saluting !

RobertD, Sarah, Kaitlin and Carl  AFTER

after.  Andrew got so much blue in his face that even after a shower he looked like a raccoon.  It was hard to carry on a conversation with him without laughing.  He is at work today so I assume he is either still wearing his sunglasses or he got all the blue off!

Taylor found out about The Color Run and that's how this group got together to do this!!    Thanks Taylor, I think everyone had a great time

More on the rest of the weekend tomorrow!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Fool's Day!

I can't blog today!  College Football.  Be back Tuesday!


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