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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Arkansas Civil War 150, Gaze and Graze 18

We woke up on Monday morning to fog, lots of thick fog.  We couldn't see the Buffalo River but we did see lots of wild life. We got up pretty early because we had a busy day with lots of miles to cover.
 Here is our cabin.
 The trees were beautiful as we drove to our first stop of the day.
 Our first stop of the day was the visitor center at Tyler Bend.
 The wonderful Park Ranger at the visitor center told us how to get me, with my bad back, to see the river.  Blessings upon her!
 We took a second picture by this beautiful tree.
 Sorry this picture is sideways.  Here is a place that Andrew found.  I could highly recommend it and I plan to order from them on the web.  We stopped and got sandwiches.  Andrew got turkey and smoked cheddar and I got ham and smoked cheddar.  They also have a very nice bathroom.

Here is our second picture of the day.  The story of the Civil War events that took place around here were on signs around a beautiful park.  Here we read about the 'Swamp Fox of the Confederacy'- Jeff Thompson.  We met up with him a few other times in our journey.
 Here is the stamping site in Pocahontas.  This is the first place we saw a button factory, buttons that were made shells from the river.  We saw several examples of these buttons in Jacksonport. 
And the benches around the park were beautiful!

From Pocahontas we our goal was Piggott.  Before our trip, Andrew called most of the stamping sites to check their hours and find out where some of them were.  Miss Jan talked to Andrew at Piggott.  Andrew called her when we left Pocahontas to tell her we were on our way.  She said that we would get to her about closing time but that she would wait for us.  We made it to Piggot at 3:58, two minutes before closing time.  Miss Jan couldn't have been nicer.  She was so excited for us and our trip.  She gave us lots of information and wished us well as we left.

Chalk Bluff is the Civil War site for this area.  Andrew and I drove to Missouri to see the site from that side too.  

The site included lots of dirt roads and water but very interesting.

That morning we started in the mountains and now we were in the Delta.  flat flat flat and lots of cotton.  It was fun to see such diversity in our state.

We got to see a beautiful sunset that night.

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Mandy Pierce said...

Stuart grew up eating Coursey's! His grandparents live so very close by, so they would often stop for some smoked meat on family trips. All the men in his family rave about this place!


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