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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Confetti and boys and family

 This fun group gathered in Birmingham on October 11 to find out if Andrew and Taylor were having a little Carl or a little Ellen aka a boy or a girl.  This party was set to be at JenniferB's house and we were so sad when her health would not allow that to happen. Blessings upon Alicia and William for opening up their home for this party/celebration/family get together at the last minute!
 The reveal was done with a confetti cannon.
 They were loud!!!!
 They were filled with plenty of confetti!
 And I mean lots!!!!  It went everywhere.  When we got home I found some in my suitcase!!!
My nick name for this baby is Mr Precious!  Both sets of his grandparents were there for this celebration. We are looking forward to meeting him in February!!!!

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