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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Grandparenting is a wonderful job

I did not grow up knowing my grandparents well.  I have stories about them that were told to me but not a lot of stories that have me in them.  My children knew my mother well.  They were just 9, 11 and 14 when she died but they had a rich heritage with her.  Lots of the stories about my mother include them.  The same is with Carl's parents.  His father died way too young but they still have fun memories of him.  Carl's mother will join us at the beach this year.  My children have lots of Grandma stories!

Carl is a very active Gpapa.  He diapers, feeds, reads to, takes on errands, and visits with our three grands- Mr Wonderful, Miss Adorable and Mr Precious.  I'm thankful for the honor that we have to be a part of the lives of these wonderful people.

Miss Adorable thinks that he should hold her if they are in the room together. In the picture below, Carl is getting ready for work and he stopped to feed Miss A a banana because she asked for one.
One Sunday as their parents were hurrying around to get ready for church Carl calmly sat reading to these two.
Mr W has learned that Gpapa and Mama can draw just about anything he asks.

If we had sound on this picture you would hear Mr P screaming, no I take that back, he is Screaming.  I don't know of any children that enjoy tummy time in the beginning.  Sweet Gpapa and Fairest got down to visit with Mr Precious to make that eternity of 5 minutes seem doable.

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