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Thursday, February 18, 2016

New bookcases plus so much more!

Joel and Josh Grenier are just an all around amazing father son duo. I had a long list for The Odd Job Guys- their company.

I needed three thresholds fixed to keep the wind from whipping in and maybe a few unwanted critters!!! Plus the molding in Kaitlin's bath needed some attention. But most of all I wanted/needed built in bookcases.

This is the after the free standing bookcases are emptied and moved but before any work was started.
After day one.
This is the all done picture. I'm thrilled. The shelves on the right are repositional and the ones on the left are fixed. 

Josh walked around my house measuring my books to get an idea on how tall to make the stationary shelves. Joel found a place under a window ledge by my new bookcases where the wind was whipping into the house. He sealed that up for us.  What service!!!! 

I highly recommend Odd Job Guys if you are in the LR area!
All the books from my two free standing bookcases fit into one side of the new ones.  I plan to have Carl help me resize the shelves and start filling up the adjustable side soon!  I am so excited!  It is the little things!

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