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Friday, November 11, 2016

Natchez Trace Day Two

We began our day in Clinton, MS.  We drove back to the spot where we got off the Trace and continued north.  The green line is the Trace.  Each black dot is a site on the Trace, some are just a sign telling about an event or a house that stood there, some are walking paths and some are overlooks.  This day was our longest.

At the end of day two we got off the Trace just west of Alabama and stayed the night near Pickwick Dam in TN.  I have a nest of cousins in Savannah, TN and I remember eating at a restaurant near this dam when I was younger.

Our trip started with very flat terrain and near the end of day two we are in rolling hills.
We started Day Two in the fog.
I promise you that Carl really is happy.
Along the Trace many of the restrooms and information sites are built to look like a building from times past.  Here is The Parkway Information Cabin near Jackson.
The Mississippi Craft Center was such a fun stop near Jackson.  The very kind lady who opened 15 minutes early just for us could not have been nicer.  I should have written down her name so I could tell you to go see her!  We bought several souvenirs and admired lots of art.  They also have wonderful bathrooms.
Here is a souvenir I bought for my fridge with the path of the Trace.

I loved all the history and science that we learned.  I had never heard of a water tupelo tree before this .
Kaitlin was usually our scout.  She would run ahead and see if I could make the trek or if they needed to go and bring me back pictures.  Kaitlin and Carl both got to 10,000 steps on their fitbits every day! Most of the paths I could walk.

Here is what the old Trace looked like in several places.
The view from the road we drove on differed all along the way.  Sometimes we saw wide open spaces, sometimes we were in a canopy of trees, and sometimes the road was hugging the side of a hill.
We saw some fall color but not lots because of the lack of water.
This is the half way point.  On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we saw maybe 10 cars total but on Saturday we saw tons plus lots of cyclists, runners, and walkers.  We enjoyed having the road to ourselves so we could stop and take pics like this one!

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