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Friday, February 6, 2009

A friend sticks close

I struggle with showing mercy because once you don't respond the way I think you should, I back off. How sad is that. I read an article by Nancy Wilson about friendships and loved the direction she sent me in.



Nicholas Stehle said...

You know, I'm continually amazed at the wealth of information we can glean from the Wilsons, despite their heretical soteriology. ;)

I really enjoyed Douglas Wilson's, "Reforming Marriage". Wonderful book! I read it in college. God absolutely changed my life through it.

Julie said...

I chuckled as I read Nancy's blog. I am teaching this to my jr. high girls in a study entitled "Girlships" by our own Nancy B. (Sorry, I cannot remember the coauthors name). We, as sinful people, continue to wrestle with and grow through the same issues. Thank goodness for God's mercy~where would we be without it.

katybraden said...

wow I can't think of an article I needed to read more right now than this. Thank you Mamma Ellen for posting this.


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