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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Ground Hog Day Eve!

Do you know this fellow, not the guy in the back ground but the foreground?January is a loooong month and February has a holiday mostly in the middle so what to do in between. Celebrate this guy! Oh, the fun of it all!

Our celebrations mostly consist of being excited that it is Punxsutawney Phil! The weather is usually yucky on the day and celebrating Phil gives a lift to our day. Plus most folks don't have any idea what we are talking about if we wish them a Happy Punxsutawney Phil Day so we get to tell them. Most folks still think we are strange- image that!?!

We do get up early and watch as he gets out of his home to see if he is going to see his shadow.

This year we may drink some hot cocoa with a lemonade chaser if it is going to be an early spring.

I hope your Punxsutawney Phil Day is a fabulous one!!


Anonymous said...

That little fellow is just too stinkin' cute! If I could find one I'd add him to my animal collection.
p.s. I really enjoyed the last post on "someday". Got my thoughts moving!

fgpuckett said...

Cute picture of your kitchen table. Love the tablecloth!


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