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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Say it ain't snow again or 5th snow this year in LR

Here is our yard at 8:30 yesterday morning
Here it is again at 11:30
We went out to play in it. It is powder snow so it is not good for snow balls but fun to walk in and throw around.
This is what we were doing inside. Kaitlin made a nest on the loveseat and knitted.
Robert kept the fire going and we all watched Season 5 of NCIS. We love that series.

Aubie had some snow on him by this point.
We had one more play time before it got too dark.
Today dawned with a beautiful sunrise.

This is my view as I sit in my room and do my counted cross-stitch.
Kaitlin and I went this morning. Aubie was still standing tall even with all the snow that fell.
Kaitlin took my camera for a few shots.

Robert was asleep when we went out. He is always talking about how he loves the cold. He ran outside to show me how tough he is.I love watching it snow. But I realize I have the luxury of having a job that does not require me to drive or get out in the snow and I am thankful for that. I also love the day after a big snow. I call this day the second snow. I love the melting of the snow and seeing it fall again from the trees this time in big clumps. The sun is out today but our temps aren't supposed to get above freezing so we may not have too much melting. I love the winter wonderland but I don't think I'll be sad to see spring!!

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