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Monday, January 2, 2012


My friend, Ann, asked me to report on recent books that I have read.  I was honored!

The Christmas Singing and The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Woodsmall were both good, quick, holiday reads.  Read the sound of Sleigh Bells first because you meet some of the same characters in the second book and you need to know their story.  I plan to look for more by this author.

The Sisters by Jensen.  I read this book in one evening.  My first thoughts were not positive but after I thought about it more the more I can recommend this book.  It is a hard read and I like happy.  It is a story about what bitterness can do.  I struggle with bitterness and I think this book hit too close to home and I was convicted.  I don't share the same story but the same stubbornness to hold onto my bitterness.

The Little Princesses by Crawford.  This book was delightful on many levels.  First- it belonged to my mother.  She has been dead for 15 years and it did my heart good to read a book of hers that she loved.  Second- what a fun read.  It is written by the governess of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret before King George abdicated and continues til Elizabeth gets married.  I learned so much history and spent many hours on google looking up the houses they lived in and where they traveled.  If you need a fun read, I highly recommend.

The Island by Hilderbrand.  I enjoy her books.  They are cotton candy beach reads.  Sometimes one needs some cotton candy.

I'll be back with more soon, I've got more football to watch!

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