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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Bread and Butter gift!

 Here is a picture of our good friends Monica and Michael with Kaitlin.  They used to live in LR and came back for a visit.  We had the privilege of having them stay in our home for their visit.

I bought some fun cereals for us to have for breakfast, changed the sheets on several beds and got ready for them to arrive.

We had a great visit!!  Lots of laughing and sharing and then more laughing.  I have a few new books to try from Monica's reading list, we laughed about the fun dancing at John and Marisa's wedding reception and we watched lots of Sportscenter plus a few bowl games.  Their son, Parker, told us he was glad they stayed in a home where he could watch lots of sports.

Just before they were to leave our house, their daughter, Olivia, brought me a gift.  My mother would have called this a 'bread and butter' gift- a gift you bring your hostess.  I was so impressed with their gift that I wanted to share it with you!

First- a thank you note that they all signed! In the gift was a grocery gift card,

some shower gels and lotions

 and some fun dish towels!  I was so touched by everything.   I was inspired to leave a fun gift the next time we are guests in someone's home.  Thank you Michael and Monica!!

Here is a fun article about writing Thank You's !  They are always appreciated.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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mkh said...

Hey Ellen, we're excited to be on your blog! Happy you liked the b&b gift. We thought about Kaitlin when we watched Tim Tebow win the game tonight! Thanks again for having us and being so easy with the schedule.


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