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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Want to feel better about yourself?

For my birthday I got an Ipad.  I was thrilled but overwhelmed.  I am not that technologically savvy but I know I need to expand that area of my brain.  All my tech support was at work and I wanted to download a book and I thought, any idiot can do this right?!? HA!

I wanted to pick a book I could read again and again.  I found John Piper's book on marriage and thought to myself  'that's it'!  So I went through the steps to download my new 27.00 book.  After a few minutes everything was complete.  How exciting!  I touched the screen to begin the book and ....It started talking to me....what ????? who is talking to me??? then I realized... I downloaded an audio book.  That took some real genius!! I was stunned!!

 I think I shall wait til my tech support is home before I try another book.

One good thing is I usually don't make the same mistake twice so stay tuned for new ways I have done interesting things on my Ipad.  

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