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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Labor Day fun

 Labor Day Weekend included lots of family for us.  My brother, Charles, and his wife, Frances, came from Atlanta. Jennifer's husband was out of town and she joined our party. (Kyle, you'll have to join us to watch football soon!) John, Marisa, Atticus, Kaelyn and Noelle came from their house.  Robert and Beth joined us from Conway.  We watched lots of football, laughed and visited.  It was a great family time.  Uncle Charles and Aunt Frances hadn't met Mr. Wonderful and they got to on Saturday afternoon.
 I made Atticus a book with pictures of him with lots of family members.  The first time he saw it, he cried and was so sad.  Marisa thinks he couldn't believe that all those he loved were with some strange baby.  I keep putting current photos in it of him.  Now we call it his happy book and he often gets it and looks at the pictures.  Below, Marisa is showing him, himself as a baby.
 We all enjoyed the hamburgers and chicken that Carl grilled.

 Gpapa took Atticus outside, per Atticus request, and he smelled like a stinky boy when he came back in.  Gpapa helped out Marisa by giving him a bath.  They both enjoyed it.
 Beth got to join our holiday festivities and had a great time.  She is a great addition.  She has family that went to the other school- alabama  and has cheered for them for years.  She handled our cheering for the other team well.
 Our group.  Family.  Near and Far. Related by blood and by choice.
 Kaitlin had to work and she wore an undercover AUBURN sweater she got from Loft.  Jennifer has on a shirt that her husband's company designed.
 We had Sunday lunch at Taziki's after church.
 John recently celebrated his 26th birthday.  Uncle Charles was at the hospital the day John was born.  He called our brother John to tell him that they had a new nephew named John.  Here is that baby with his son.  Where does the time go?!?!
Thank you Charles and Frances for coming to see us.  It really means a lot.

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