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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AUBURN, family, and Mr Wonderful

 What do Saturdays look like in your house?  Here is what has been going on with us.  A water table now lives at my house and it was a big hit!!!  Atticus was soaking wet and had a laughing good time.
 Above Atticus is looking at Aunt Fairest and wondering why in the world she has that on her head?!?  Below- Atticus has a new word "Cheeeeeese"  He then likes looking at his picture.  This Bubbles doesn't mind that at all.
 Above was a two TV football day.
 Atticus and Uncle Rico
 Mr Wonderful needed/wanted something out of my purse.  Who could deny him anything???? Not me.  When he found the chap stick, I thought he wouldn't be able to get the top off, silly me!!!!!  Please notice that the chap stick goes on his tongue and it must really be chapped!  Now, that is his chap stick!!

 Atticus wanted a picture with his daddy!
 He needed another picture of himself!
 Bubbles with Mr Wonderful!

 Toys or books or busy board oh, my!

I love our Saturdays during football season.  Family is such a gift.

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