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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 goals

One memory I have of my mother is that every December she made new goals for the next year.  I can't remember any of her goals but just the fact that she made them.

I like making lists so making goals for the New Year fits right in there!

I have read from several places on social media about picking a word for the year.  That was a new thought for me.  I went on a search for 'my' word for 2014.  I shared my thoughts with Kaitlin.  When she saw my list of potential words she recommended that I google them and look of synonyms too.  My word kept coming up.

My word is ........POWER

The verse that kept coming to mind was II Timothy 1:7 for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

I wrote out my word several times.

I realized that many of my goals fit into the letters of my 2014 word!

P- pray for those that I love and that I will love them well,
    Project Life- my scrapbooking system,
    post more blogs

O- organize two rooms especially in my house- the wreck room and the snake room ( wreck room-because my cleaning style is to put everything in a bag and run it down to the wreck room so that we have the appearance of neatness but that room is always a wreck. Snake room is a storage room that is off of the wreck room, I saw a snake skin in that room shortly after we moved in and henceforth it is the snake room.  I only go in there during really chilly times in hopes that all the snakes are sleeping.  You should see the looks we get when a workman comes over and we refer to the room where the heater is as the snake room!)

W- write ( my mother was a prolific letter writer!  She would be 88 this year.  To honor her I plan to write 88 letters this year)
      handWork (I have a few projects that I have almost finished with)

E- exercise
     eat more vegetables
     encourage others

R- read  ( last year my goal was to read 80 books, someone told me that I couldn't do that so I changed my goal to 70.  I met that goal in October!  80 it was for 2013.  I am going for 85 in 2014 and I plan to read more deliberately. I am still working on that part but I am thinking about reading 20 books I own now, and have some breakdown for nonfiction, classics, about an area that I know nothing about, etc)

My other goal is to memorize more Scripture and I haven't yet figured out how to fit it into the letters above but I do realize that I will realize more of HIS power when I know HIS word more.

What are your goals?
If you figure out how to fit my goals to memorize scripture into my word let me know!

What is your word for 2014?

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