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Friday, February 28, 2014


 Here is my post on the move from LR to St Louis by John and Marisa and Mr Wonderful.  Susan Desselle was an amazing real estate agent and helped them so much!  On Friday, Carl, Kaitlin and I went over to help get the last few things on the truck.
 Here is a picture of the beautiful family on the steps of their house.
 Carl is superman.  He drove the big Budget truck while pulling Marisa's car all the way to St Louis!  I drove our van and John drove his van.  I followed Carl.  John and Marisa made their way right to their new home.
 This is a picture of bunny and bunny's owner.  Atticus wanted a picture of bunny.  I love how they both have the same facial expression!
 Here we are on our way to church on Sunday!!!  A Mr Wonderful sandwich!
 Here is a picture of the family in front of their new home!!!
 Here we are at lunch.  Mr Wonderful is sharing a visit with his wonderful Gpapa.

 Here we are after our lunch on Sunday.  Mr Wonderful let all of us hug and kiss him lots and lots!
It was a long drive home and my spirit was very low.  I prayed for all those whose children are far from them even as far away as heaven and that helped me with my perspective.  

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