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Monday, March 10, 2014

My sweet mama!

my mama gave me this dictionary and it reminds me of her
What were you doing 18 years ago?  I was at the men's SEC basketball tournament in New Orleans.  Mississippi State won that year, it was 1996. Our seats were in the Mississippi State section.  We sat behind a family of sisters, brothers, cousins, mother, father, mamaw and papaw.  I forget how many seat they had but they had all the seats in their row but one.  They always get tickets for every seat but one and they always have a game about guessing the occupation of the person who is in that one seat.  He was a refrigerator repair man in 1996 and someone guessed that!  Miss State had a player named Whit that year and all those around pronounced it with many more syllables than usual.

18 years ago my sweet mama died.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of something I'd like to tell her or show her.

I'd like to tell her thank you for letting me be me.  For not getting on to me for what ever hair brain ideas I had.  I'd like for her to meet Mr Wonderful and I know she would eat him up with a spoon.  He would love her too. I think she would love it that Andrew and Taylor would soon be living in Atlanta.  I am sure they would have supper probably once a week.  She would love to see Kaitlin's art and hear about John's job.  We would take her to see John and Marisa and Atticus in St Louis.  I would ask her how she managed to have her grandchildren live far away but still keep them close.

So this year to honor my mama I plan to write several letters and read lots of books.  I plan to love on Mr Wonderful from afar and one day I'll tell him all about his wonderful great-grandmother.  I plan to encourage my children in all they do and hold my tongue.  They have their own lives to live.  I plan to celebrate each day like she did.  I plan to stop and smell the roses each and every day because she was so good at doing that.

Call your mama today and tell her you love her because one day you may not have that privilege!


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