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Monday, May 19, 2014

Miss Adorable, swinging really high and St Louis

This past weekend Carl and I were able to go to St Louis and meet our new granddaughter.  How precious to meet someone so new.

Here is Marisa with her daughter, the fabulous Miss Adorable.  Marisa is holding a print that Kaitlin gave her for Marisa's birthday which was May 17th.  The print is by Mindy Lacefield .  Kaitlin and Marisa both knew Mindy at UALR and now Kaitlin has the privilege of working with her.  Both love her work and this picture made Kaitlin think of Marisa.  Marisa was thrilled to have this print.
Here I am introducing myself to my granddaughter.  I told her that we will play paper dolls and have tea parties and play dressup.   She smiled!
On May 17, 1982 I was in St Louis at this hospital giving birth to Andrew.  John and Marisa live near here.  As we drove to the park to take Mr Wonderful we made a quick stop to get this photo on May 17 2014.  32 years- hard to believe.  I am so thankful for all the joy that God has given our family through Andrew.
How do I love Mr Wonderful,? Let me count the ways... I love his little voice and all his words.  I love seeing life through his wonder of it all- birds, dogs and the thrill of swinging.  Gpapa did get that swing too high for me and I did ask him, for my sake, to not push W so high.  There were several children that wanted Gpapa to push them but their mothers said NO.  He was too busy with W anyway!

 Since I can't stand and run like he and Gpapa can I would find a bench close by as they played.  Mr Wonderful always kept track of me and if he couldn't see me he would call out Bubbles?  Bubbles?  I would head his way so he could see me then he was okay.  Other children asked their mothers where the bubbles were, saying they heard someone say bubbles?  I just smiled!!!!

Below Mr Wonderful is watching Frozen.  He loves the movie except the part with the monster.  John doesn't miss a beat as he carries on a conversation and provide protection for his son at the same time.  so precious.
Miss Adorable was awake and looking all around!
Below is a moment I caught when Gpapa and W are sliding.  Check out the grins on both their faces.  I hope W always thinks that his Gpapa can do anything!  I just wish you could hear the laughter that these two shared!
  I did let Gpapa hold Miss A for a few minutes so she could meet her amazing Gpapa!  All she knows is love and being taken care of and isn't that a wonderful thing and how it should be.
So I am home now and planning our next trip and what I should take to St Louis.  Children are such a great blessing!

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