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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happy Birthday, John!!!

 27 years ago today at 5:30AM Carl and I went to the hospital to have our third baby!  At 7:30AM John Austin joined our family.  He weighed 8'10" and was 20" long.  He is named after my brother, John, and his middle name is his great-grandmother's surname, Austin.

I wanted to call him Austin but when I arrived home from the hospital Carl, Andrew and Kaitlin were referring to the new baby as John????  What the What????  We called him John Austin til he was 4 and asked us to please just call him John.  Oh, Well.  Now I am so thankful we call him John because I have met some 'interesting' folks named Austin.
 John, you are a wonderful friend, boy daddy, brother, husband, son and girl daddy.

I am usually the one with the camera and I need to have someone take a picture of me and John!!!!!  Happy Happy Birthday!!!!  I am so glad the God gave you to our family!

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