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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Feels Like December 26

Marisa and Mr Wonderful and Miss Adorable were able to stay two weeks with us while John did some traveling. They left this morning and my house is so empty and I can feel the sadness of the idle toys and books.

Kaitlin was able to take a week off work and Marisa is so easy so I felt like I had a two week staycation with some of my favorite folks.
We got to see more of Miss Adorable's personality- she is very social. She can be on a blanket for quite awhile as long as she has a book or a friendly face. We got to laugh at all the funny things that Mr W says and does.

Below are a few pictures from our two weeks.  I am warming you there may be more soon!


We got to Skype with Penny's twin cousin, Adeline, who lives in Birmingham.

I am blest.  I pray for all those grandmothers who don't get to see their wonderful grands.

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Mindy Lacefield said...

the photo of G-papa and Penny looking at each other...make my heart smile. well, they all do really. love ya'll!!


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