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Thursday, September 4, 2014

December 26 Part II even more pictures!

More pictures!!!!

Here is a picture of heaven- that velvety skin, those cheeks and the sweet little sleeping noises.
If you need to get an active child a fun toy get a water table.  I ordered this one from  Well worth the money.  He loves it!!!
Mr Wonderful realized he was the only fellow here without a mustache so Marisa gave him one with her eye brow pencil.  Look hard but there is one there.  I asked him if I could take this picture and he said yes and posed for me.
She is so sweet it is hard to put that sleeping baby down.
a fun photo shoot!
Mr W had to change from his tennis shoes to his sandals so he could play on the water table.  He wanted Gpapa to put his new shoes on him.
This was an early morning when we gave his parents the chance to sleep past 6!
Miss Adorable!  I am done.  Til there next visit.  Maybe!

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