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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

5/63 Seeing lots of Characters plus seeing a glacier.

Days 1&2 we were only on the ship as we traveled to our destinations. Day 2 we traveled down to a glacier at Tracy Arm.

We started off Day 1 with a character breakfast.  We were all given napkins made into hats.  Mr Wonderful was in heaven.  Carl said that his favorite part of the cruise was seeing Mr W see and meet Mickey for the first time.  He was beyond excited!

 Uncle John and Aunt Elaine enjoyed seeing Mickey too!
 We met several princesses also.  Here we are meeting Ariel and as you can see from Miss Adorable's face she is just not sure about all this.
 Mr W loved Rapunzel!  
 Our little Elsa!

Our group!

This was where I sat for many hours and enjoyed this view!
We took this just before supper one night.

Day 2.  We spent most of the day outside enjoying the amazing scenery.  Below are Lisa and Kaitlin

 Here is Sawyer's glacier.  We learned from the naturalist onboard that mountains that are rounded they are formed by glaciers and those that have sharp sides were formed by water.
 My cousin, Gary and his wife , Lisa.
 Notice the coats and hats.  It was chilly especially in the shade.  The water behind us is colored by glacier flour.  That is the finely ground granite that is moved into the water by the glacier.
 Our whole group. My brothers and their wives, John/ Elaine and Charles/ Frances, my cousin, Gary and his wife, Lisa, John/ Marisa with Mr W and Miss A, Kaitlin and Carl and me.

A beautiful sunset that we watched.

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