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Monday, September 21, 2015

4/63 We made it on board!!!!

The Day we've waiting for.....
Aunt Elaine, Kaitlin, Marisa and I all downloaded the Disney App that counted down til our vacation.  Through out the 16 month wait we would text each other with how many days til......   We were all excited to get this on our phones.
We were all up early and looking out the windows.  I knew that the cruise ships came in early.  We were up in Uncle John and Aunt Elaine's room because they had an amazing view and then we saw our ship!!!!!  UJ asked how we knew it was our ship?  Kaitlin said that Disney ships have two smoke stacks to harken back to olden times like like like when the Titanic was sailing.  WHAT says UJ??????   Why did you use the Titanic?????  We quickly mentioned other ships that had set sail and made their journey safely.  He calmed down then.
Gpapa was one of the best games/ toy/ entertainment in the motel that we had.  Miss Adorable loves to pretend to sleep and she even snores.  She has to be under the covers to do this.  G joined her and then Mr Wonderful would wake them up.  It provided us all with many laughs.
We had these handy dandy tags that we put on our luggage and they ended up in our room after a bit.
Our group plus some random man in the back as we boarded our ship.
This is looking out at the dock and all the suitcases and provisions being loaded on the ship.
Once on board the app became a way to text onboard and not use up your data.  It was great.  Plus the emojis were so fun!!!!!  We were very sad that we could not bring those back with us too!!!!!
Every night we had chocolates and a newsletter telling us what the activities were going to be for the next day.  We also got Happy Birthday buttons the first night for Carl and Kaitlin.  On this cruise we celebrated Carl and Charles being 60.  Kaitlin being 30.  John and Elaine plus Gary and Lisa being married for 30 years.  Lots to celebrate!!!!

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