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Monday, April 11, 2016

AUBURN, pictures of family, prayer, and the PCA

Get ready for several rabbit trails that lead to a fun ending that only God could orchestra!

I love AUBURN.  I love the colors orange and blue, the people, the greeting War Eagle, the campus, the etc etc etc.

I love to pray.  If you are on my Christmas card list, you have been prayed for, if you are on my church directory, you have been prayed for, if you are in ministry that my church supports, you have been prayed for.

When Andrew was at AUBURN he was involved in the campus ministry-RUF that is a part of our denomination-PCA.  We have prayed for the PCA minister that is in charge of the RUF at AUBURN since 2000.  We have prayed for several ministers in the last 16 years.  Just recently Carl and I sent an encouraging message to the minister, Wes, who is the current PCA minister at AUBURN RUF.  Wes immediately wrote us a thank you.  I was very impressed!

For my birthday this year Andrew and Taylor gave me a photo shoot with them in AUBURN during the A day weekend.  Taylor had hired one of her sorority sisters, who is a photographer, to take our pictures.  We brought our clothes, coordinated our outfits and were looking forward to it.  A few days before our shoot, Taylor got a text from her sorority sister that she couldn't do the shoot but she offered Taylor another photography that she knew that was able to take our picture at the same time as the previous shoot was schedule.  Taylor checked out the new photographer's photos and was pleased and said yes.  Taylor told me the name of the new photographer, Nancy Simmons.  I typed her name on Facebook to look at her pictures and I was stunned to see that I have three friends in common, Laura Dowling, Abbie Bailey and Cristina Green.   All these are PCA friends of mine.  I was curious as to how did they know both of us.  Laura goes to church in AUBURN so I figured that Nancy must go to the PCA church in AUBURN.  Abbie and Cristina are married to PCA pastors.  Could it be that Nancy Simmons was married to Wes Simmons the RUF pastor at AUBURN??????  Indeed she is.  What in the world.  I couldn't wait to tell Nancy our connections.  She was stunned enjoyed them as much as I did!

Here is a picture for Abbie and Cristina and Laura.  This is my new friend Nancy.  I love AUBURN, pictures of family, praying for many folks and meeting some that I don't know and the PCA.  We serve a great God who loves to lavish us with His blessings!

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