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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Beach trip 2016 Part One- The Night the Lights were out in Greenville

We found out a week or so our trip that Marisa and John couldn't join us because of John's job. I was very sad.      

We started our trip with supper with them before we left town. We sure laughed lots especially as I try to take selfies- those are mine and Carl's fingers because I can't seem to get out heads/faces in the should see the outtakes?????
We met some bad weather in south Arkansas and this is what the bridge into Mississippi looked like at Greenville.
Carl noticed that as we were driving into MS that there was no power.  In the pouring rain we made it to our motel and checked in, in the dark.  I am thankful that we got a room on the 2nd floor so I didn't have to walk up too many stairs.  Carl checked on the power outage with his super spy powers....He checked the Entergy web have this same super power too!!!  Lights were starting to come on around us so he felt like ours would be on soon.  We were only in the dark for about an hour and a half.  We never got hot, what a blessing!!!!

Here we are in the dark checking on the outside world!  

We stopped at a fresh fruit and veggie stand on our way down on Saturday somewhere in MS.  We got tomatoes, onions, and strawberry jelly.

We went through the tunnel in Mobile.  Usually Kaitlin says that she wishes that they had installed windows in it so she could see out but this time Kaitlin was asleep so Carl and I had to say it!!!
We went right to Carl's brother's house because we couldn't check in to our condo til 4 pm.  Alec and Sonya live about 15 minutes from the condo we rented for the week.  I love their view off their back porch.  You are looking at Florida but the picture was taken in Alabama..... things like that mess with my mind!?!
We ate yummy ribs!!!!
I took a correct selfie with Meredith and Tina!
Kaitlin got some fun photos.
And the day ended with a beautiful sunset.  I had everyone make up a list of beach vacation goals/plans/ dreams/expectations- we overlapped lots which was wonderful- eating at Lulu's, going to the beach, visiting with family.  I wanted to eat at the FloraBama twice and I wanted to see a sunrise. Our condo was on the sunset side so I changed my goals to sunsets and was greatly rewarded nearly every night.  No one minded at all eating twice at the FloraBama.

Part Two tomorrow!!!!!

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