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Monday, March 28, 2011


KimT said to me one day, a few years ago "You need to write a blog. You need to document all the things that happen to you." That got me thinking about it. Not long after that LindaG told me that she read a blog that she thought I would like. That's how I found Anne. I have never met her but feel like I know her. We share many thing in common- AUBURN, PCA churches, home schooling, reading etc. On Anne's blogroll I found Laura. The name of her blog caught my eye- Lines in Pleasant Places- because I love that verse. Laura is a reader, home schooler and I enjoy her outlook on life.

A few years ago, when we went to AUBURN, Laura saw my pictures and told me to let her know when we plan to be there again and she would meet us.

We spent spring break with Andrew and Taylor in Savannah. We planned to go home through AUBURN. I contacted Laura, our meeting was set up and then I got a terrible cold. I didn't want Laura to get this. It is still rough. I contacted Laura again and she suggested that we pull off the highway and into her driveway so we could at least wave at each other. I was so touched that she still wanted to meet. So I called her when we left AUBURN and we pulled in her driveway about 20 minutes later. Carl, Kaitlin and I jumped out to meet her. I handed Carl the camera and here we are.

What a delightful visit! She also met her husband at AUBURN and goes to a PCA church. We saw her sewing place and her beautiful yard. I felt like I had know her for years. I do hope we can meet up again soon for a long visit over a meal!

I hope to one day meet Anne!

KimT is now saying she wants me to write a book. Kaitlin has the name already "Hamsters in the bath tub." I'll keep you posted.

Back to my cold. I am moving slowly and not thinking too quickly but wanted to let you know a little more about our trip so here are a few shots from Kaitlin. It is an amazing blessing to have a professional photographer in the family.

We ate our way through Savannah. Lots of funny stories- I'll try to remember to tell you about me at the Beer Parlor!?! More tomorrow, I hope!


Anonymous said...

If you're ever driving through Europe, stop on in! :-)

Jennifer Diane said...

Hampsters in the bathtub sounds like an amazing title for your book!! I'm so glad you guys had a safe wonderful trip and that we could exchange stories!!


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