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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Missions Conference

We just had our missions conference at church. I love our missions conference!
Our conference takes lots of preparation. Here are JanR and Barb getting ready for the dinner the first night. The first night we (the missions committee) have a dinner with the missionaries in a home. The last several years have been at JanR's.
Here are two of our missionaries. Jenny on her way to Columbia and Kathy in Mexico. They realized after meeting that they had been on a mission trip together! What a wonderful, small PCA world we have.
Here is the beautiful table set at JanK house for the wonderful tea we had. It was an informal time to just visit.
JanK and JanR
Ruth-France talking with Susanne and Jenny-Columbia
Virginia and Marilyn
One of the things that I found out at the tea is that the cookbook committee asked our missionaries if they wanted one of our new cookbooks. Those that said that they did were sent one. The cookbook chairman got to talk to Kathy about her cookbook. Kathy got to share that those on her mission team are enjoying the cookbook!
Ted-RUF got to visit with SaraMartin and her husband, Hess. SaraMartin was in the youth group in Jackson when Ted was the youth leader. SaraMartin and her husband are now doctors here.
Here is Jeff with the flag he carried during our flag ceremony. How cool to have a MK carry the flag for the country that is now his.I love our missions conference! I love getting to know and meet new friends. I enjoy renewing friendships with those that have been here before. I love that my prayer list gets new requests. I love the stories that come back from the field. I love seeing God's hand work and move all over the world.

The missions conference holds lots of wonderful memories. Andrew and Robert came to every conference while they were at AUBURN. We set our 'most folks sleeping in our house' record during one conference- 17! You should have seen the shower schedule?!? I loved having meetings and dinners here.

I hope your church has a conference and if not come to our next year!!

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