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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do you have a bubba?

I had to start out with this picture because it is so funny to me. My brother and his wife are two of the happiest folks I know but when I held up the camera on Sunday at lunch they didn't respond like usual.
Ahhh Here is how I know them anyhooooo
After church on Sunday, Andrew suggested that we go to Uncle Bubba's for lunch. Uncle Bubba is Paula Dean's brother.
Look who greeted us at the door...why that is Bubba himself
Here is a picture of our happy group minus Carl and me in the front. Andrew wasn't too keen on the waitress taking a group shot

Let's start with dessert first. Some of the best pecan pie ever
Oysters, Carl and Andrew enjoyed them.
I got Low County boil. Yum yum
Andrew got shrimp and grits. It was wonderful.

Bubba was back up front when we left so Kaitlin and I got our picture made with him.
I would highly recommend his restaurant and hope we go back!

1 comment:

Jennifer Diane said...

Ohhh that lookes DELICIOUS!!! Wish I would have been there to enjoy it with you guys!!


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