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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Roswell, New Mexico

picture of hot stone massage but not me because of the hair, you will learn about that soon enough.
While Kaitlin and I were in Santa Fe, we got a hot stone massage.  Oh, my! I got chills as I wrote that down.  It was wonderful.

We made our appointment on Sunday and were given a tour of the spa area.  Monday at 220 we made our way down from our room to the spa.  Soon we were wrapped in thick robes and resting in the relaxation room. Picture a room where the lights are dim, lavender is a faint but wonderful smell, the sounds you hear are a quiet water fall and enya music being played.

 We saw a woman that looked really strange, her hair and her eyes, there was something not right about this woman. She was wandering around the relaxation room. I thought that since we were in NM that maybe she had wandered in from area 54 and had seen an alien.  No lie, she looked really spacey!

We soon met our masseuses and were ushered back to our room.  Our massage lasted an hour and a half.  It was a hot stone massage plus we threw in a scalp and foot massage.  Words can't describe.  My only complaint was that I had to walk when it was over.  I needed a gurney to wheel me right up to bed.

I do have one more complaint.  My hair.

I didn't brush out the hair spray before the scalp massage.  As she massaged my scalp, my hair grew and grew and grew.  It didn't help any that I was on my tummy with my head face down in the loop that holds your head on a masseuses table.  Kaitlin gasped when she saw my hair.  The masseuses took a step back from me.  There is no picture on record of it because we were encouraged to not bring any valuables down with us.  Let me just say you are either very sad or very happy there is no picture.  When I finally saw myself in a mirror I died laughing- it was wild.  When we got back to the dressing room we were looking for a bag for me to put over my head because we had to walk back into the motel to get on the elevators to get to our room.  We found brushes and other accoutrements that we might need after a massage and did as much as we could with my hair, inbetween fits of laughter.

When we calmed down just a bit and saw ourselves in the mirror, we also noticed that our eyes looked just like area 54 lady.  She hadn't seen an alien but was just really relaxed.

As we walked out of the relaxation room for the last time we saw a lady in a big comfy robe.  We knew what she was in for.  We told her that we had just had a massage and that she was in for a treat.  We realized very quickly that she didn't make eye contact with us and hurried past us.  Yup!  We had the area 54 look plus my hair didn't help any either.  In a few short minutes she will be joining our ranks, she just doesn't know it yet.

Below is what my hair looked like!

picture from google images of Phyllis Diller

I didn't have on a head band but you get the idea!


Mev said...

That is a fabulous story! I have to admit, I'm solidly in the "I wish there was a picture" camp!

Kelley Hand said...

You know I (Vicki) have naturally curly hair. When I was on summer vacation with a few girlfriends at the VERY humid Hilton Head Island beach, we were goofing around and running in the sand and taking pictures of ourselves laughing. OK, so imagine hair that is about 30" long being teased and blown and humidified by the ocean air. I didn't need a beach background - my hair WAS the background. One friend said that YEARS after these photos were taken, she still kept one of me tucked inside the front of her Bible. Whenever she needed a good laugh, she just took it out...

Barbara said...

I'm so disappointed that I didn't squeeze in a massage while there, but I'm even more disappointed that I didn't see your hair!!! I can only imagine...


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