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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Santa Fe or Red, Green or Christmas?

Kaitlin and I went on a business trip with Carl to Santa Fe.  If you are flying to Santa Fe, you generally fly into Albuquerque and drive to Santa Fe- who knew?  So we flew into Albuquerque and drove.

I love State Capitol buildings and here I am at New Mexico's.  It is rather hidden and doesn't announce it presence like most others. 
 This is the fall color in NM we saw no red.
 Carl and Kaitlin in front of the capitol.  See how hidden it is?
 boots from NM
 Our motel.  Doesn't it look cool?  It is five stories high.  There are no tall buildings in Santa Fe.  This was one of the tallest.  It was very cool.  Some of you know that our room had two bathrooms!  Did you really catch that? TWO bathrooms!  Kaitlin and I were very impressed, although I felt a little like the Clampets.

Next are pictures of the group we got to hang with for some of our time in Santa Fe.  They are some of the spouses that also came on the trip.  Here is Kay from Connecticut 

Kathleen from Dallas and Dan from Oklahoma 

Kaitlin with Marleen from Florida

Here is Kaitlin with her Hot Dog Mike shirt on by the sign marking the end of the Santa Fe Trail.  This marker is in the Plaza in Santa Fe-the heart of the city.  Just this year I have been to the beginning of the Santa Fe Trail and now here is the end.  Do you know where the beginning of the trail is?
Just to the north of The Plaza is where the native Americans set up their wares.  We had a great time looking and talking to the artists that made all the beautiful articles that we saw.  Very neat.

We had a great trip and saw lots of very interesting things.  I don't think I could live in NM because I don't eat peppers on everything.  Red, green or Christmas-mixed- is how one waiter asked if we wanted our peppers.  I finally learned to ask for them on the side even at breakfast!  My most interesting meal was for one breakfast we ate at  Cafe Pasqual's  I had Huevos Motulenos.  It was a corn tortilla with feta, black beans, egg, banana and green peas.  It was very good!

More on Albuquerque tomorrow
Santa Fe trail starts in Independence, MO  as does the Oregon Trail- do you have that tune stuck in your head from the computer game about the Oregon Trail now?  yea, me too, sorry

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Laura said...

Love the pictures! My friend, Penny, and I were in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Taos last October and we'd like to go back again someday! And I LOVE green chili!


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