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Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Friend, Chris

Christmas Day we got the news that our friend, Chris, had just passed away. I say our friend because we all counted him as a friend.

I asked Andrew and Robert how they met Chris at AUBURN, they looked at each other, shrugged and said that he was always with them in the dorm.

Andrew and Robert co-oped while they were at AUBURN so the three friends couldn't live together until their senior year.

They had enough fun that year for several years.

 I am sure I don't even know half the stories and frankly, I don't want to.  Some might scare me!

 One of my favorites is that they decided to celebrate the Olympic Games by having a long jumping contest. Now this contest wasn't just a one time event, it went on for days maybe even weeks. It was inside their apartment and anyone could compete. Also, I need to add that they lived on the second floor. They marked each jump with tape. There was tape everywhere!!!  I believe that Robert was the ultimate winner!

They also decided that that fall they would attend every AUBURN football game, home and away, win or lose.  To celebrate the season it was decided beforehand that they would take two specific pictures for each game, one was a room mate picture at something specific to that game and the second was the score board with the final score.  Little did they know the great season that AUBURN would have that year 2004.

We were with them for this game.  It was the Kentucky game.  Don't you love the little sister love being shown?

Don't you love that big brother had enough?  I also love the looks on Robert and Chris' faces!  Also notice Robert's outfit.  He was the most superstitious. He wore that outfit to every game!

A shout out to all of you that knew the picture below was taken in Oxford at Ole Miss.  Archie Manning wore number 18 when he played there so that is the speed limit around the campus.

This is their last home game.  It was the Georgia game.  The College Game Day crew was there.  The room mates got there early enough to be on TV!

The day before Andrew, Robert and Chris graduated, Kaitlin took a series of pictures of the three goofballs.  The quality of the pictures is not too great.  I took pictures with my Iphone of pictures from my photo albums.

My memory of this day was one of laughter. Chris gave the room mates an AUBURN football helmet as a graduation present.  Robert got it on and couldn't get it off!!  Hence, he wore it in the pictures!  Andrew was into his orange headband and when he wore the sunglasses he was The Law.

 Enjoy the next several photos and the laughter of so many shared memories.

Below is what Andrew termed as the worst room mate picture ever, because they are missing one of the room mates.  Robert and Andrew knew they had to smile to cover their broken hearts.

 Please join me in praying for Chris' family- Rita and Kirk and sister Jeanie.  And all the friends he left behind.  I am thankful that we know that Chris is with Jesus but we still miss him greatly!

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katybraden said...

I love these pics! I sure miss him but I love remembering him!


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