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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Day aka the day we lost power

It all started out like we planned!

This may look like a picture of the front of my church on Christmas Eve but it is really a picture of the Advent Wreath.  Our family read and lit it that night.  That is a big deal because 10 years ago we also did the reading and Andrew lit himself on fire.  I think our pastor knew that Andrew wasn't going to be in town so he asked us!  Robert lit the candle and did just fine.  It was a non-event.  Whew!

My favorite part of the service is singing Silent Night by candle light!

This good looking fellow was there!
Along with his good looking parents.  Didn't get a picture of the rest of the group!

This was our tree this year.  We opened presents with just us four and then John, Marisa, Atticus and her brother, Marc and sister, Kaelyn, were to come over for more presents and supper.

One of my favorite gifts!

Robert looking at his new watch.

Kaitlin and Papa looking at some spices she gave him to use on the grill.
So the weather got bad faster that we expected.  We decided to gather up their presents and go to their house.  This fellow was playing and sitting up like a big boy when we got there.

We stayed about an hour.  We all opened up presents and took lots of pictures.  They are on the camera and will be seen soon.  I love this picture of Atticus.  With all these new toys he prefers a ball off the tree.

We got home just as the ice started to fall.  We cooked a wonderful supper of brisket, hash brown casserole, BBQ green beans, mac and cheese plus sister shuberts.  It was wonderful.  I sent lots to Marisa.  We lost the rest, see my very sad face here.  About 11 that night, we lost power.  That was Tuesday, we left on Saturday, we still didn't have power.  More about our trip soon...  I am going to bed and sleep under my electric blanket and I am enjoying having power.  It is a wonderful invention!

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