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Thursday, January 10, 2013


 Here is the snow on Christmas evening.  We were so excited about the snow...little did we know.  I do like it better when it snows during the day because I love to watch it snow.  I have seen enough snow for this season.
 Here was my view on December 26th.  We lost power about 11 pm the night before.  Let me just say that it is chilly in the house.   If getting out of a warm bed into a freezing cold house in the middle of the night to 'powder my nose' were an Olympic sport, with speed being the key factor, you are talking to a gold medal winner. I have ninja skills that I didn't even know about.  
 Beautiful, but very chilly.
 We stayed at home for three days without power.  The days with sunshine were so much easier to handle.  The light is so important.  It ruled our days.
 Carl went to check out the gasoline situation in all the vehicles.  Kaitlin's car had the most.  We took turns sitting in her car, listening to the radio, getting warm while charging our phones.

 Carl's turn.  He could get out after the first day so he brought the outside world in to us.  He got Kaitlin to work and John too.
 I found that the candles that I don't like did provided much needed light and even warmth- even if it was the appearance of warmth.  KimT, I might even need more candles!!
 It was very dark in our house.  We pushed all the furniture up against the windows so we could use all the outside light for as long as we could.
 I found this wonderful candle that took my mind away to the beach for a few minutes plus provided lots of light.  We lost all the food in our fridge and freezer.  I was so looking forward to Christmas dinner leftovers.  We plan to cook our meal again.

I have such a greater appreciation for the pioneer folk.  After a day of being cold, my brain could only think of how to survive- what could we eat, how long would there be light, is everyone warm enough and trying not to think about being cold.
 Here is a list of what we did during the power outage, read, took pictures, visit, read, make lists of what to do when we had power, sleep, charge phones, read, sleep, put on more clothes, read some more and sleep.

Christmas Day we also got the news that one of Andrew's college roommates, Chris, had died.  He was 30. 30.  That is Andrew's age!  When times got tough in our cold house, I prayed for Chris' mama, daddy and sister.  That helped my perspective.

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