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Friday, April 26, 2013

A mountain top, a battlefield and a steamship

  I went on a business trip with Carl this past week.  Here are a few things we did before Carl's meetings began.

We went to the Steamboat Arabia museum in Kansas City.  A father, two sons and a friend began a search for the steamboat in a field near the Missouri river.  This museum details the hunt for the boat, what all they found and how they preserved it.  They are still cleaning things up.  You can talk to the folks about what they are working on.

I love keys!

The china was beautiful!

In the museum they have a paddle wheel that is moving, I loved sitting and watching it.

We also stopped at the birth place of Harry S Truman in Carthage, MO

We stopped at a Civil War battlefield in Carthage, MO.  The battle took place July 1861

I have always wanted to go to the tallest point in Arkansas.  We have driven past the turn off many a time.  This time we stopped!  Mt. Magazine is located in the Arkansas River Valley region.  If it were located in any other region it would really be tall!

This is the lodge near the top.  I would love to stay here and spent a few hours looking at the beautiful view.

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