Wow! I just found 5.00$!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two articles you will enjoy!

Click on these links and enjoy these-

A wonderful article about Motherhood for all my friends that are mothers especially my daughter in law Marisa- I see you do this daily

America's pasttime- This is for all the baseball lovers especially Andrew


Jessica said...

I read the first article. Thank you for sharing!
Also, we'll be seeing all of you Little Rock folks in less than a month!

JenniferB said...

Oh mama ellen! I have read Rachel Jankovic's book, Motherhood in the Trenches: Loving the little years. She is such an inspiration. Thank you for pointing me toward this post. It is always helpful to be reminded that my calling is to the gospel. (No matter who I interact with, but especially to my children.) Thanks for being one of the best mommas I know.


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