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Friday, April 5, 2013

Aunt Elaine, Uncle John and Atticus

 One of my favorite weeks of the year is the week that my brother, John, and his wife, Elaine, come to visit.  This was the 29th year in a row that they have taken the time to come and stay with us.  They started their visits when Andrew was 2 in 1984.  This year as Uncle John got in the car with Kaitlin, as she took him to play racket ball with John and Robert, it was not lost on me that he has been coming to see us and taking care of us since before she was born and now she is chauffeuring him around.  For the record, he beat John Austin 3 games on Wednesday and Robert two games on Thursday.  John Austin did beat him 2 games on Thursday.

The timing of their visit this year was Atticus' first birthday.  As Marisa said, it was like a mini vacation-  We ate out, got to visit in John and Marisa's home, ate out some more, the guys played racket ball, Aunt Elaine went with me to Bible Study, we went shopping, they got to visit with Jennifer, Uncle John took a few naps, we watched TV and we ate out.

They also helped us celebrate Atticus on his birthday.  Kaitlin brought us all lunch, we ate cupcakes, put on party hats, sang and took lots of pictures.  A fun time was had by all.
 All the pictures on my blog today were taken by Aunt Elaine.
 She has a unique gift with Atticus.  Any time she takes her camera out to get a picture of him- he posed.  She even tried to take a video but she couldn't because he stopped what he was doing and just looked at her, mostly he smiled.  We all got great enjoyment out of it.

 Uncle John and the birthday boy.

 I decided to get in the action.

It was a great visit!  Come back soon Uncle John and Aunt Elaine and see this happy fellow again and us too!!!

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