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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beach, Family and Low Tide

 Carl and I recently went to Hilton Head Island.  Wow!!!  It is beautiful. I hope we can go back again.  We went at this time because my brother, John, and his wife, Elaine, were there for a few days and they invited us.

Above is an artistic shot for Kaitlin.

Carl and I relaxing.
 Andrew and Taylor joined us.  We rented chairs and an umbrella.  It was windy and sunny.
 Carl and Andrew are pointing to our condo.
 On Saturday night my brother, Charles, joined us.  We ordered supper from a local seafood place and Carl and Andrew brought it to our condo so we could eat and watch football.
 We brought in the TV from a bedroom so we wouldn't miss any of the action.
 The Seafood was outstanding.  Here are John and Carl getting after their supper.
 One of the cool things about Hilton Head is how far the tide comes in at high tide.  In the picture below notice the dark sand and the lighter sand.  The dark sand is high tide.  We didn't stay on the beach long enough to see it come in but I would like to next time.  The dark sand is packed down.  John rides his bike on it.
 This was my view.  I am still stunned by how far out low tide is.
 I loved all the tidal pools the tide created.  The picture below was taken standing in ankle deep water and look how tiny the chairs look.
 A very nice stranger took a picture of our whole group. She took lots of pictures with my camera and Elaine's. I am sorry this photo doesn't have sound.  You would hear John commented loudly on the coolness of the water.  Notice his body language, he is ready to jump out of the picture and out of the water the second the picture taking is over.  We are all laughing!!!
 My brothers and me.
What a great time we had that weekend.  I enjoyed the time to just sit and look at the beach and the time to visit.

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