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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Privilege I Have

Every Wednesday I go to the Classical School in Little Rock and read to these wonderful children.

What a blessing it is to me.

I love reading.  I love reading out loud- I think I have a little actress in me- very little :-)  I now spend time in the children's section at the library and online researching books that are good to be read out loud.  Here are a few of our favorites so far-
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus
Drummer Hoff
Baby Brains by James
Chewie Louie by Schneider

These books are too old or not appropriate or we just haven't gotten to yet for me to read at the classical school but still good.
Captain Abdul's Pirate School by McNaughton- when I got to the part about teaching spitting and pirate swear words I thought mmmm maybe better not read this so that they don't go home and ask mama about swear words but it was a fun read.
The Carpenter's Gift by Rubel.  I may read this in December.  Beautiful pictures and great story.  Did you know that the Christmas tree from Rockefeller Square was donated to Habitat for Humanity??  I learned that from this book.
Boys of Steel by Nobleman.  I never knew who the inventors of Superman were (two shy guys with glasses) and when it started (During the Depression).  Really interesting book.

My own collection of children's literature is swelling as I read good books and then feel the need to have them on my shelves at home.

Enjoy your privileges today!!!

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Emily Anne Russ said...

I LOVE that you do this at PCA. I hope you are still doing it when my kids go to school there. :)


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