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Friday, October 7, 2016

29, 91 and 58

1- Today is my mother's birthday
2- If she were living there would be 91 candles on her cake
3- I miss her everyday
4- She died 20 years ago in March
5- That seems unreal
6- She loved her children and her grands well
7-She would love her great grands too.
8-She loved to write letters
9- She wrote me a letter every week unless we were together from the time I left for college until she died.
10- I plan to celebrate her today by writing a few letters
11-She loved to read
12- After I write a few letters I plan to read a little
13- I inherited many of her books
14- It is an eclectic collection
15- My mother was very well read
16- She loved to take pictures
17- How fun that she has a granddaughter that is a professional photographer
18- My mother laughed lots
19- By the time she was 50 she had buried two sons and her husband
20- She always said that when life give you lemons you just make lemonade
21- The longer I live the more I appreciate her strength
22- When I am in a hard, stressful, situation I try to picture what would my mother or Lara Croft do
23- I look more like my mother than Lara Croft
24- Google Lara Croft if you don't believe me
25-My mother loved Gilbert and Sullivan
26- Sir Arthur Sullivan wrote the music to Onward Christian Soldiers
27- Today is my 1/2 birthday
28- 29 is 1/2 of 58 (I'm 58)
29- I've decided that 29 is the new 58 1/2.
My 1/2 birthday presents

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